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Curing Chronic Urtica / Urticaria (पित्ती उछलना) with the help of Apan, Pran, Prithvi & Varun Hasta Mudras

Urticaria पित्ती उछलना – basically a Pita Dosha (पित्त दोष) can be easily cured with the help of the following hasta mudra sets:-
Set A: Practice the following Apan & Pran mudras in sequence:
1. Practice Apan Mudra for 10/20+ minutes once or twice a day for a complete natural body & mind detoxification:

How to? Place the tips of middle & ring fingers with the tips of thumbs of both the fingers followed with a 10/16+ minutes practice of Pran mudra!
2. Next, as advised above, one should also practice Pran Mudra for 10/16+ minutes just after Apan Mudra practice! This would help in minimising the Pitta Dosha to cure Urtica ‘n’ provide Immunity as well in addition to increasing the healing effects of Apan Mudra!

How to? Keep touching the tips of Ring, little & thumbs tips with each other of both the hands!
Set B:
Do following three mudras in the following sequence:-
1. Practice Prithvi mudra for 10/20+ minuters twice a day. Prithvi mudra would rejuvenate skin! And a must to do after taking Tea to avoid Acidity n Pitta dishaa too!

How to? Keep touching the ring & thumbs tips with each other.
2. Next – do, Pran mudra as above & as in the follwing pic for 10/20+ minutes :-

3. Lastly, to keep the skin well hydrated and to maintain a proper and well balanced blood fluidity – may also practice Varun mudra for 10/20+ minutes by joining tips of thumbs & little fingers as under:

Note: once the urtica problem is resolved – you may keep on doing these mudras off ‘n’ on for a few minutes as a maintainance dose!
Good wishes!


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