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Benefits of ApanVayu in RHS & Pran and or Apan Mudra in LHS.

ApanVayu in RHS & Pran and or Apan Mudra in LHS.
Pran mudra is formed by touching the tips of the thumb, the small finger and ring fingers.

Apan mudra is formed by joining the tips of the middle, the ring and the thumb. One should practice Mritsanjeevini Mudra with right hand and simultaneously the Pran Mudra or the Apan Mudra with the left hand alternatively.

ApanVayu or Hirday or MritSamjeevani Mudra:

Benefits of Mritsanjeevni Mudra: This mudra is both effective and curative. It helps remove clogs and blockages in arteries and removes toxins from body. It also plays a key role in reducing fatigue, pain in nerves, muscles and bones. This mudra can help boost our physical and mental strength and the negativity from mind, thus helps in relieving anxiety. It can help combat vitamin / mineral deficiencies. With the help of this mudra one can improve blood circulation, memory and concentration.

It cures Angina Pectoris. This mudra can also treat blood pressure problems. It can help keep reproductive organs of both male and female healthy. It can keep stomach, legs, thighs, knees, feet, ears and throat fine. It improves health of heart and lungs. Problems like constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, hiccough. Apart from these problems, it also helps control over eating. It may cure urinary tract infection, one may get rid of pus, albumin in urine, burning in urine and piles.

This mudra could be a boon for diabetics. Those suffering from impotency should definitely give this mudra a try. This mudra also lowers the odd of cesarean delivery. It cures period pain and improves regular period cycle.

It controls palpitation of heart, strengthens the nervous system, circulatory system, immune system, strengthens bones and muscles, joint pains, arthritis, gout. It generates optimism, purifies body and mind.

It is equally useful in sudden Asthmatic attacks wherein a patient is struggling for breath, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory diseases, In case of knee pains and Asthma, if this Mudra is performed for 5-7 minutes before climbing up the stairs, it will ameliorate the pain of knees and prevent breathlessness which are generally due to stomach disorders.

It helps in relieving of stomach problems like gastritis, colic, acidity, heart burn, etc. It has a magical effect in cases of headache, migraine, etc. It improves eyesight, wards off eye diseases and stops unnecessary blinking of eyes.
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