How to relax your mind and go to sleep with Pran, Vishnu & Shakti Hasta Mudras

How to relax your mind and go to sleep with the help of a Mudra?

Why you are not able to relax? It means your mind is overactive.

By keeping the index finger at the base of the thumb, I reduce my thoughts and thus my thinking. And then I touch the little finger for relaxation.

Always, ring finger and little finger work together. So, touch the ring finger also with the thumb.

Thus the Mudra is done with the index finger touching the base of the thumb, while the ring and little fingers touch the tip of the thumb, on both the hands.

Less air and more of water and earth elements give you relaxation.

Even after doing this, if your thoughts are not minimized and you are not able to relax then reduce the space element by also making the middle fingers touch the base of the thumb.

This is a beautiful sleeping Mudra – index and middle fingers at the base of the thumb (Vishnu Hasta Mudra or Vatta Nashak Mudra) , while the ring and little fingers touching the thumb, because it is a very good relaxation Mudra.

Shakti Mudra:

(Pic: Modified from Amar Ujala)

During the changes in the weather, the problem of cold and cold often occurs. Asthma patients are especially troublesome. This is due to weak immunity. Shakti Mudra strengthens our immune system. Due to this the nerves work properly and the body becomes energetic.

This mudra is especially useful in physical exertion, stress prone people, insomnia, slip disc and back pain. The weakness of the body can be removed by doing this mudra. Shakti-mudra is very beneficial for the players.

By doing this mudra, the trembling of the body also ends forever and the radiance of the face increases. Let us know what is the right way to do this mudra. To do this mudra, first of all, make a fist by pressing the thumbs of both your hands between the remaining fingers. Sitting or lying down, keep it lightly on the stomach below the navel. The fingers of the fists should be straight in front of you. There should be a gap of two inches between the two fists. Do this for half an hour daily with slow, long and deep breaths. Doing it two-three times a day will bring benefits quickly.
Kind Courtdey: Mr Naram Sir & others