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Brahma Hasta Mudra brings the impact of all four mudras together i.e. Jnan, Chin, Chinmaya & Adi Mudras

1. Jnana / Chin mudra

Join the tips of the thumb and first finger. The palms face upwards in jnana mudra (seal of knowledge/wisdom) and downwards in chin mudra (seal of consciousness) – see which feels most natural to you. Palms up has a more external energy, palms down a more internal one.

Here you can feel the breath predominantly in the lower abdominal area, the lower sides of the body and the lower back. Awareness here, and abdominal breathing have a profoundly relaxing effect. Our emotional centre here, the solar plexus feels the calm of this practice.
Doing Chin Mudra – the Pran or so called Energy flows Downeards. The Breath goes to Navel and then to Legs! This is much beneficial for keeling Lower Back healthy and also good for Elimination (Bowl Movement). May chant Move On SwitchWord for better bowl movement may chant Gentian Move On – while sitting on Toilet Seat!

2. Chinmaya mudra

The tips of the thumb and first finger touch. Gently curl in the other fingers.

With chinmaya mudra you can feel the breath in the intercostal area (the middle of the chest). Feel the breath in the front, side and back of the chest. Breathing here is said to benefit the health and function of the heart.
Chinmay mudra helps in Activation of Pran – known as Saman Vayu which flows from Navel to Throat upwardly which is highly useful for DIGESTION!

3. Adi mudra

Curl in the thumb first by placing it on the root pad of little pinky fingers , and then keep the other four fingers on the palms, covering the thumbs.

Adi mudra accentuates the feeling of the breath in the upper chest, in the clavicular region. Breathing here helps with removing any congestion in the upper chest area.
Adi mudra initiates the Pran known as Udan Vayu which flows from Throat to Brain – helping in the improvement of Thinking Capacity and cures SNORING along with Akash mudra practice.

4. Brahma mudra

Braham HastaMudra Pic (Courtesy FitSri)

Similar to Adi Hasta Mudra – Retain the same position of the fingers as above, and bring the backs of the hands together on the abdomen.

This brings the impact of all three previous mudras together, with a sensation of the fullness of breath and prana in the whole torso, and then extending throughout the body. Your lungs’ complete breathing function is enhanced.

Brahma Mudra allows flow of prana i.e. energy of life force throughout the body.
It calms the mind and energizes the body.
Improves focus
Releases negative energy and thoughts
Enables the practitioner to reach a higher state of meditation
Detoxifies the body
Relieves pain and stiffness in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back
It instantly boosts your energy and improves focus at work.
It helps to optimize the overall functions of the neck region
It establishes body-mind balance, relaxes the system and gives a feeling of lightness in the body and mind
Helps in management of stress and mood swings
It opens up the lungs and enables optimum aeration
Stimulates the digestive system
Revitalizes the entire nervous system
Enhances memory

Relationship with Chakras
This mudra activates ajna, sahasrara, vishuddha and manipura chakras and energizes them.

Impact on Doshas and tissues

Seeing the benefits of Brahma gesture, we can infer that it balances prana vata and udana vata axis. By doing so, it balances the mind and its functions, helps one to keep calm and serene. Synchronization of this axis provides energy and enthusiasm to do activities, relieves stress and enables one to be focused. It strengthens the nervous system, balances thought process and installs good memory. Proper breathing and aeration of the body are established. It kindles pachaka pitta and aids proper digestion and assimilation of food.

Coming to tissues, the gesture strengthens the bones and muscles and their channels of transportation especially in the region of neck, shoulders and back.
After your last exhalation in brahma mudra release the hands back to the knees (or thighs) and sit quietly for a few moments, drinking in all the prana and the sweetness of the practice. Observe how you feel.


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