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Mudra for Trust by Dr. Ramdesh

Mudra for Trust
by Dr. Ramdesh | Mudras, News | 0 comments

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Vajrapradama Mudra
(Mudra for Unshakable Trust)
It’s so easy to lose trust. Maybe your significant other cheated on you recently or your co-worker stole your ideas. Maybe your issues of trust go further back, to your childhood, and your parents betrayed you in unloving ways. Maybe you prayed and it felt like you got no answer.

Little by little, your heart hardened. Step by step, the trusting, open, real YOU was replaced by someone who is just waiting for the bottom to drop out. Maybe you lost trust in other people, the world, and God. Maybe the only thing you can trust is yourself, or maybe you distrust yourself most of all.

Here’s the problem with lack of trust: the only person you hurt is you. In order to remain distrustful, you have to close your heart off to the good that exists in the world. It’s a protective, defensive measure, but it creates a closed heart and a block to energy flow within you. Self-confidence cannot come without trust in the Self. By the Self, we mean the real part of you, the timeless, eternal, never-been-born-never-died cosmic Soul. If you cannot trust others, the mechanism within you to trust your Self is closed off, too. That doesn’t even mention the lack of trust in a power even greater than your Higher Self. Doubt in others energetically manifests in your field as distrust in yourself. You cannot begin to live the life you deserve until Trust, with a captial T, becomes a part of your very nature.

That might seem hard. “How can I possibly trust men? They’ve always cheated on me!” you might say. But you don’t have to make that leap just yet. First trust this process.

Mudras are hand positions that are an ancient yogic art and science. They create a kind of closed circuit, like you might have learned about in a yogic physics class right alongside circuitry for lightbulbs. By placing your hands and fingers into a certain position, you create a closed circuit of energy within your body that allows for miraculous changes to occur. You stimulate energy meridians and pressure points to create a specific effect. So don’t try to trust others just yet. Just trust the mudra.

Mudra for Trust

Sit calmly, and place your hands in front of your chest in the interlaced pattern in the photo. Breathe slowly and smoothly through your nose. Meditate with the mudra for 45 minutes (if you cannot meditate that long, try to break it up into 3 periods of 15 minutes throughout the day.) Feel a connection to a power greater than you. Allow the mudra to work its magic. Repeat this process for several days. Think of it like a medicine and commit to taking it regularly. You can support this process by adopting the mudra throughout the day…in the grocery store line, in the bath, on the commuter bus.

You can also support your mudra with an affirmation, such as “I open my heart to the Universe. I trust the wisdom of a power greater than my own and accept its healing.” Gertrud Hirschi, in her book Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, suggests using this affirmation to support this mudra: “I am a creation of the greatest omnipotence, whose strength and power lovingly support me at all times.”

You may just find that one day, you experience a greater trust for others, the Divine, and your own Self. You will trust the messages you get intuitively, and through your experience of connection to your own intuition, you will build a network of relations around you who deserve your trust.

(Editor’s Note: This mudra and many others for physical and emotional healing may be found in Gertrud Hirschi’s book Mudras Yoga in Your Hands.)


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