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Power of HARE, RAM & KRISHAN in HARE RAM HARE KRISHAN MahaMantra by Ed Naran

Remove Darkness of Your Mind
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What is the mantra to remove such negative thoughts from the mind?
The mantra is –



Instead of worrying that you keep thinking negative thoughts, you can chant this mantra many times.

You will be constantly worried on why a problem is not solved at all. Instead of ruminating like that, keep filling your mind with this mantra.

Remove the waste from your heart
The work of the heart is to accumulate waste – remembering our old experiences.

We won’t remember what happened during today morning. However, we will remember what happened 10 years back – especially ruminating over what didn’t happen.

This sadness, tears, anger, depression and fear – will get stored inside the heart. As all our emotions are stored there, it is called as emotional heart.

What is the power of this mantra?
It will remove all dirt from the heart – the thoughts – ‘this is mine’, ‘I have lost that’ etc. Whatever needless thoughts we have – that dirt – will be removed by the Krishna mantra.

The meaning of the word Krishna is black. It doesn’t mean that he is colored dark. It means he will remove the darkness. He will remove or dissolve the darkness of the mind.

What is the meaning of Hare?
Where will the dirt go? From us, it has to go out into the space. The space has the capacity to absorb it.

Hare means transmutation. Let the dirt leave the body and blood vessels become normal – that is our prayer.

The lower three chakras rule us

We have seven chakras. However, we are acting from the first three chakras, namely BASIC/ROOT CHAKRA, SWADHISTANA CHAKRA and SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

“I am seeking myself to maintain myself, seeking pleasure, seeking to possess, stick to confirmed events” would be our ruling behavior as long we live out of these three chakras.

However we should live out of Anahata chakra

Then what I need will never end.

Why my needs are never ending? Because what I get never satisfies me.

ANAHATA CHAKRA (Heart Chakra) is the one that changes these chakras. Only through Anahata chakra we learn to give.

Who will win eventually – all the three lower chakras or one Anahata chakra?

Sadly, success of Anahata chakra is short-lived

Obviously the three chakras will win. But even if Anahata wins how it comes down again? Let us see.

Giving and sharing are the qualities of Anahata. But now and then Solar Plexus calls Anahata, and tells that ‘You are giving liberally. That’s very good’.

The moment it tells like that, ego sets in. When “ego” predominates, giving is denied.

You are not the doer, but the divine is

The quarrel of these four chakras is watched by VISUDHI that is THROAT CHAKRA.

Visudhi means purification. The Visudhi tells the other chakras, you are not the doer, and if you let go the thinking that I am the doer, you will become very good.

When ‘I am not the doer’ thinking comes to you, there will be surrender mentality. All your thoughts will be purified; your love will be refined; then you will accept whatever happens in your life.

Purification of Chakras

Which mantra purifies all these chakras? That is the mantra:





Eight times we are chanting HARE, every time you chant the mantra. When you chant HARE, your selfishness will go, and self-centeredness is removed.

When you chant RAMA, arrogance is removed, and the “I” goes off. As long as you are healthy we will not let go the “I”.

“KRU” means adaptability. We can go up and down in life, but wherever we go we have to be happy. For that “KRU” will help.

SHNA means let go of everything daily. Only when you let go you will be adaptable/flexible. If you are flexible means there is no arrogance.

Knee Pain:
Hare Rama Hare Krishna – Mantra Chanting 2015
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5 years ago
Naran S Balakumar
“HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” works wonderfully for the knee pain – right and left knee.

Whenever somebody gets admitted in a hospital, chant this mantra and he will be discharged. If the doctors are planning to keep the patient in the hospital, then they will not keep, if the mantra is chanted.

The regular phrase:

“Hara Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”

This is a wonderful mantra for Atherosclerosis i.e., aging of the blood vessels – inflexibility of the blood vessels in terms of circulation.

As you chant faster, your circulation is improving fast, it tones up the heart, and cerebrum as well as peripheral – all circulation improves.

Power of Ram

Every mantra will have RA in it. That’s why Rama is the ultimate mantra. If you haven’t able to chant Vishnu Sahsaranamam, then chant Rama thrice. That’s why Rama mantra is still popular. It is a universal mantra.

What is the role of Krishna here?

Negative energy is black in colour – which is sometimes referred as darkness. That black energy has been taken by Krishna and he still glows. He is capable of removing all of them. That’s why he remains black outwardly, but shines within. Ever shining is Krishna.

Divine order is exposed by removing darkness. Chant switch words “Change Divine Order” to put back your organs back in (divine) order after a serious illness. The same can be achieved by chanting “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” mantra.

Benefits of chanting Hara Rama Hare Krishna Mantra

Hare – HA will activate throat chakra. Hare increases the space within the body.
REY – activates Solar Plexus chakra. It’s the bija mantra for solar plexus as well as activating sun-god. Hari – E sounded in the mantra also means sun-god. Hari becomes Hare when it joins with Rama.
Chanting this mantra both the knees will become highly flexible. Our gratitude to parents will increase thousand fold and we will always have the blessings of our parents.
If there is knee pain, then it means we are inflexible, with lot of stubbornness – which will prevent us to go deep within. Please note here that flexibility marks the nature of a child.

Our outlook on life will also become flexible. We will mix well with others.
We will shine inwardly.
There will be no fight or conflict and there will be only peace, joy and love.

Two sides of the same coin
In this world you can’t eliminate anybody – that’s the rule
If there is a war maker there is a peacemaker.

If there is violence there has to be non-violence.

I want you, as I need you. In addition, I don’t want somebody else, as I don’t need them.

Where there is a snake there is a peacock. Where there is a lion there is a cow. However, all are inside us.

How to balance yourself in spite of bipolarity?
Balance leads to polarity. If there is conflict between two then there is bipolarity.

We don’t want lion, but we become a lion in some place.

When we want to end violence, we wage a war. To kill terrorists, we send an army. We use violence to kill violence.

How it is happening?

How to make sure this doesn’t happen?
We have to accept what we don’t like as one day you may dislike what you like today.

In the same way, what we don’t want today, may be wanted tomorrow.

How to fix this behaviour of our mind as it’s easy to talk but difficult to follow?

Whenever I am in state of sadness, when I fear, when we feel helpless…then I am not able to do anything. This is the time we need to chant the mantra, “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA”.

Then we will understand that we need everything in this world and that we need both theists and atheists, and so on.

Improve Blood Circulation and Strengthen Your Heart Too
Improve Blood Circulation and Strengthen Your Heart Too

Naran S Balakumar

Hare Rama mantra works in two different ways.

If you just chant “HARA RAMA HARE KRISHNA” then you will develop flexibility in your knees.

It is good mantra for knee pain. Even if you get hurt in the knees, you can chant this mantra.

Strengthen your heart

The other version – longer version of the mantra –



This mantra primarily works on our hearts. As you keep repeating it, it will improve your blood circulation.

In old age, the blood vessels will become aged and worn out. The work of the blood vessels is contraction and transmutation.

Only on contraction and then relaxing, the blood circulation will improve.

To keep the blood vessels and heart healthy, this mantra is very important.

Blocks in your heart

The work of the heart is to accumulate waste. Dirt means blocks.

What are the blocks in the heart – emotionally and mentally they are our feelings and physically it is the blocks – heart blocks as diagnosed by doctors and a need for by-pass surgery.

I am not saying don’t do by-pass surgery. Sometimes the patient may not want to do by-pass surgery or due to old-age he cannot do it. At that time, say this mantra umpteen number of times.

While chanting the mantra, chant it at a good speed so that circulation of the blood will be faster too.

Improve Blood Circulation and Strengthen Your Heart Too


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