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Immunity against Covid-19, through hasta mudras and beejamantra

Chanting the immunity providing Mahamrityunjay beejamantra : Om Howm Vum Joom Saha ॐ हौं वं जूँ सः, please do the following hasta mudras for 10-20+ minutes each.

Do Gyan mudra soon after getting up in morning.

Chakra mudra, Surya mudra and pran mudras in continuation – preferably empty stomach.

Pushan mudra after meals. for better digestion, nutrition and elimination.

Gyan mudra and then Pran mudra in continuation before sleeping in night with an aim to do away with any kind of mental or physical fatigueness and to enjoy a child like sound sleep. Pran mudra helps in feeling n becoming SAFE & SECURE

  1. Gyan Hasta Mudra for removing Stress n to provide mental immunity.

2. Chakra hasta mudra:-

Lord vishnu is adorned with shankha, chakra, gada and padma. The sudrashan chakra is a powerful weapon in the hands of lord Vishnu and lord Shrikrishna. Both of them hold it in the right hand. Chakra mudra is performed during worship and praying for success in any endeavour.


Place the right palm on the left palm in such manner that the index finger of the right hand is placed on the thumb of the left hand and small finger of the right hand is placed on the index finger of the left hand. Now press the palms against each other.


The index finger – vayu of the right hand is placed on the thumb – agni of the left hand. The small finger, jala, is touching in index finger of the left hand. So, elements agni, vayu and jala become powerful and spread their energy vibrations. pressing the palms against each other activate the pressure points of the heart, kidneys, thyroid gland, pancreas and lungs.


  1. The seven chakras get energy and the heart, lungs, pancreas, thyroid and kidneys function powerfully.
  2. The aura around the body increases.
  3. Placing the thumb (Agni) on the wrist sends energy to the radial, median and ulner nerves and hand becomes powerful.
  4. This mudra may be done for 15 minutes a day to increase aura and make the body powerful.

3. Surya Mudra for metabolism and getting sufficient heat in the body.

4. Pran hasta mudra for getting immunity against any kind of diseases.

5. Pushan hasta mudra for proper nutrition, digestion, elimination and also for accepting the present.


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