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Curing Heart & High BP including Thining of Blood through Hasta Mudras

The top number in bp refers to the amount of pressure in your arteries during the contraction of your heart muscle. This is called systolic pressure, which is a Vyan Vatta Dosha. The bottom number refers to your blood pressure when your heart muscle is between beats. This is called diastolic pressure, which is a Kapha Dosha.

Hypertension / High BP is a health hazard which is noticed as excessively stress that results in an increase of adrenaline in the bloodstream that raises the pressure. Hypertension leads to several connecting disorders. Instead or with Allopathic, the regular practice of the following hasta mudras, can control the high blood pressure.

Timings & Series of Mudras: As per ones convenience, Gyan mudra (which is concerned with the Yayu Element & Heart Chakra) may be practiced soon after getting up even while being in bed or with prayers in morning and or evening. Apan mudra may be practiced any time or even while being sitting at Commode/WC Seat in toilet and Apan/Vayu/Heart Mudra may be best practiced immediately after taking meals for 20+ minutes. Vyan Hasta mudra / Movement Mudra (As a Kuber Mudra Part) may also be practiced while moving to your office in as it help spreading sufficient oxygen to our body organs and makes us move to attend our day to day business with ease and comforts – and that’s why- Vyan is also rightly known as Movement Mudra! Practicing Surya Hasta Mudra once a day is also highly recommend for better Metabolism, Weight, Fat & Cholesterol reduction and Blood Thinning. Aditi mudra is also beneficial for Oxygen intake. In the evening, Pran Mudra practice removes all the day long tiredness. A little before sleeping, the simultaneously practice of Gyan mudra in one hand and Pran mudra in other hand say in right hand for 20 minutes and then exchanging the position of hands and these two mudras – ensures better sleeping at night!
Vyan Hasta Mudra as seen in pic below – a combo of Air and Space elements or a combo of Gyan and Akash Hasta mudras is responsible to distribute oxygen in our body to regulate our nervous system and to keep in check all kinds of excessiveness including excess or high bp – and this is also very important to be seen that the Gyan and Akash – the two parts of the Vyan Hasta Mudra are Peace giving- Stress Buster and Detoxifying – bp regulator respectively!

Apan Vayu or Heart Mudra or Sanjeevani hasta mudra which is a combo of Vayu and Apan Mudras as seen in pic below. Here the use of Vayu mudra- a natural body organs stiffness, congestion & pains remover, keeps the high blood pressure causing – excessive flow of wind in the arteries under check by decreasing the excess of air and Apan mudra again a combo of Akash and Prithvi mudras- a natural detoxifyng due to the application of Akash Tatva and, ensures the free flow of the Pranic Vayu by getting sufficient space by the application of akash mudra, making the unwanted body toxinx and mental burdon out of body and mind to give peace and the Prithvi mudra makes our heart components healthy as body organs including heart and arteries strengthener – the Earth Element forming Prithvi mudra, also plays its important role as a part of Apan and Apan Vayu Mudra!

Last though not least, the use of Pran Mudra does the roll of a body immuniser to heal and protect us from all kinds of the Psycho and Physical ailments! That is why – Pran Mudra is a really known as a Finishing Hasta Mudra as it makes us Safe and Secure!

Pran Mudra – a combo of Water Element Varun or Jal Mudra and Earth Element Prithvi Mudra – balances our Root and Hara or Sacral Chakras – giving full physical immunity and to control almost all the diseases!

How High BP is Caused?: –The human heart goes about as a pump because it supplies oxygen-rich blood to different body organs through the veins and pumps the oxygen-poor blood back to the lungs to get energized with new oxygen. The blood pressure is the power applied by the blood when it flows against the walls of the veins. Any kind of blockage in the veins cholesterol stores, blood clumps, narrowing of the veins because of solidifying would urge the blood to apply more weight while it flows. This is what leads to the problem of hypertension. Whenever left untreated, this problem would bring about weakened heart muscles and further some of the critical heart problems.

Here is the description with pictures of a few best mudras to control high blood pressure:-

Gyan mudra:- Gyan Hasta Mudra as seen in the pic – which is a stress buster – one of the chief causes of high bp, gives inner peace and self contentment to fight stress and high bp

Gyan Hasta Mudra is a Master Mudra To Remain Proactovely Fit Always and this could help in Curing All The Diseases, It enhances learning, memory control and sharpens the cerebrum. Improves fixation and cures Insomnia, mental issue like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression. We could see how most well-known yogis and insightful sages used to practice this mudra to gain insight and knowledge, refinement of brain, destruction of psychological instability, production of happiness, help with addictive propensities. This Gesture has an establishing impact on the brain. This Mudra is a solution for improving mental strain and advancing memory and fixation. It can help with a sleeping disorder, gloom and hypertension. It is the image of solidarity and harmony. Better maintenance and focus control. Improves rest design. Increases vitality in the body. Alleviates lower spinal pain. This is also useful for treating mental disorders, sleep disorders (for both excessive and decreased sleep), weak memory and hot-tempered individuals

Akash Hasta Mudra:

Out of all the mudras for high bp, this is an easy one and quick too. Join the tip of your middle finger to the tip of the thumb and hold it while exhaling inhaling for a few minutes. It is very helpful in getting rid of hypertension and all kinds of negative emotions. It is believed that a person who practices Aakash Mudra finds it easier to connect with the collective consciousness of God. This results in helping a person think noble thoughts even in the difficult situations of life.

Vayan Mudra – Combination of Gyan & Akash Hasta Mudra:

Vyan Mudra is a Natural Cure of all the Diseases caused by any kind of the Excessiveness – including High Blood Pressure. This helps in reducing blood pressure in the best way possible! Also known as Vatta Balancing Mudra, this mudra is helpful in balancing the Vatta humour of the body thereby increasing the never force and vital power of the body. Gyan & Akash Mudras – parts of Vyan mudra are both very very helpful to cure high bp and heart – even if these two are practiced separately!
Apan Hasta Mudra:- It assumes a significant job in our well-being as it controls the excretory system  to clean the body and to dispose of undesirable poisons and is additionally useful in managing clogging to fixes clogging and heaps it helps discharging the typical waste routinely.

Apan अपान Hasta Mudra

Apan-vayu Mudra – The Mudra of Heart:-

Apan Vayu अपान vayu Heart हर्ट Mudra

How To? Place the tips of your Index finger at the bottom of your thumb. Now join the tips of your middle finger along with the ring finger with the tip of the thumb to form this mudra. This mudra is also very commonly referred to as the mudra of the heart. Not just hypertension but this mudra is also helpful in breathing difficulties, angina pectoris, heart attack, heart failure, etc. Everyday practice of this mudra is extremely helpful in getting rid of all kinds of heart blockages that help in regulating the blood pressure. In addition to this helps in oxygenating the blood while repairing any damage that might be done to the heart muscles for better health of the heart. To benefits the heart, it works like infusion in the decrease of heart assault. It is as amazing as sorbitate tablet. It decreases the gas content in body. Practice it as number of times as you can. Heart patients and BP patients can rehearse it for 20 minutes every day twice for better outcomes.It fortifies the heart and regularizes palpitation It controls excretory framework. It reclaims gastric inconvenience.
It strengthens the heart. A Boon for all people above 40 & Heart/HigBP Patients.
How does it work? Two processes are important for heart. One, de-oxygenated blood, which is full of carbon dioxide, goes to lungs from the heart, and lungs oxygenate it. The oxygenated blood is carried to heart and from the heart to all organs. Practice of ApanVayu mudra for 20 minutes, twice a day is indeed a best mudra to cure high bp & heart stability. For better results, also practice 20 Minutes- Pran mudra after this! This Mudra takes care of all those processes. It is very helpful for circulation.  It is also called as detoxification Mudra. Energising the inner circulation of the heart is taken care of by the mantras, “Om HRAAM NAMAHA” and “OM HREEM NAMAHA”. Chant them, while doing the Mudra. The entire circulation will be strengthened. For high BP this Mudra should done be twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes.

Varun/Jal (वरुण/जल हस्त मुद्रा):-

जब हमारे शरीर में पर्याप्त मात्रा में तरल नहीं होता तो हमारी रक्त वाहिकाएं संकुचित हो जाती हैं और रक्त गाढ़ा हो जाता हा, जो रक्त के थक्के बनने के खतरे को बढ़ाता है। इसके लक्षण प्रभावित क्षेत्र में सूजन, लाली दिखना, गरमाई का एहसास और दर्द के रूप में दिखता है। Prevalently known as Varun mudra, this mudra builds the jal (water) component inside the body It is helpful in scatters, for example, anemia (low hemoglobin) and skin infections. It additionally improves the decayed nature of the blood because of lack of water.It holds clearness in blood by adjusting /balancing water content in all the body organs and also prevents the agonies of Gastro-enteritis and Muscle Shrinkage.
Surya / Agni Mudra:-

This mudra known as Mudra of Fire – diminishes cholesterol since one of the property of fire is to melt and thus makes the blood – THIN also. This also helps in weight reduction and keeping up a sound adjusted weight. It diminishes tension, and improves heartburn issues.It lessens cholesterol in body and aides in diminishing weight. It diminishes tension. It revises acid reflux issues.
Pran Hasta Mudra: –

Pran hasta mudra – in addition to Gyan hasta mudra – is truly known as the mudra of life, it improves the intensity of life. Powerless individuals become solid. It diminishes the clasps in veins. In the event that we practice it consistently, we will end up dynamic. It expels free radicals from blood and is valuable for expelling eye and nerves related issues. It invigorates the body and equalizations nutrients in the body It improves insusceptibility. Improves the intensity of eyes and lessens eye related infections. It expels the nutrient insufficiency and exhaustion.

Adi Hasta Mudra:

How To? Place the tips of Thumbs at the Root of the Pinky/Small fingers of both the hands – and make a fist. अँगूठों के ऊपरी सिरों को कनिष्ठा उंगलियों की जड़ में लगा कर, मुश्ठी बंद कर लें।

This mudra is accepted to build the progression of oxygen to the lungs, quiet the sensory system, increment imperativeness and enables the organs to work ideally.Focal points of Adi Mudra incorporates• Relaxes the sensory system.• Helps lessen wheezing/ snoring.• Improves the progression of oxygen to the head.• Increases limit of the lungs.

Heart Chakra:-

The heart chakra or anahata is located in the centre of the chest and is represented by the colour green. This chakra mainly governs the rib cage, lungs, heart, circulation, skin, hands, arms and the upper back. Any imbalance or blockage will manifest as dysfunctional relationships, feeling isolated, skin conditions, asthma, circulatory problems, low or high blood pressure, heart palpitations, chest pains and, in extreme cases, heart attack. When our Anahata chakra is open, we develop qualities of joy, peace, love, harmony, bliss, clarity, purity, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, patience, and kindness. These qualities bring us closer to our true selves. Signs that the Anahata chakra is blocked include loneliness, depression, jealousy, codependency, shyness, and an inability to forgive. Harnessing feelings of empathy and compassion, committing to expressing our emotions honestly and truthfully.

How to balance the Heart Chakra?

Practicing Gyan Hasta Mudra, Chant Om Yum Namaha ॐ यं नमः &

Shree Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

Eat Green Fruits, Green Vegetables, Visualise Green, Walk in Greenery, Keep Green Plants


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