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USe of Naran’s- “MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON” SwitchWord for Financial Needs – while being in Pran, the Safe & Secure Hasta Mudra

Being in Pran Hasta Mudra, Chant :- MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON for Financial Gains

Thanks for your answer. I have chanted MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON since you gave me the words yesterday and somehow I feel something inside me. Can’t explain what it is, but it seems to like the words are talking to me… Strange?

Loona (after two weeks)

I have now chanted the suggested words you gave me and already I have seen some positive changes in my financials. I am so grateful and just would like to thank you. I will continue chanting the words; there are still some changes I need. But the switch words are magic, I feel it inside me.

Thank you!


Mustard is a Bach Flower, the key word of which is “Huge Huge Money”. Mustard only can generate so much of money.

Find Count Divine is the standard switch word combination for finding money.

When you want it? Now

And you want it non-stop without fail: On


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