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Apan Vayu or Heart Mudra or Sanjeevani Hasta Mudra!

Apan Vayu or Heart Mudra or Sanjeevani Hasta Mudra! How To? Vayu-Index finger base at the thumb, while the Akash-middle and Earth- ring fingers on both hands touches the tip of the thumb.
Uses: It strengthens the heart. A Boon for all people above 40 & Heart/HigBP Patients.
How does it work? Two processes are important for heart. One, de-oxygenated blood, which is full of carbon dioxide, goes to lungs from the heart, and lungs oxygenate it. The oxygenated blood is carried to heart and from the heart to all organs.

  • helps prevent heart attacks as well as their recurrence, lessen heart palpitations, relieve heaviness on heart
  • helps relieve heartache, anxiety, panic, grief, sadness, overwhelm
  • helps balance the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) as well as can help improve digestive fire as well as lung capacity
     This Mudra takes care of all those processes.
     It is very helpful for circulation.
     It is also called as detoxification Mudra.
     Energising the inner circulation of the heart is taken care of by the mantras, “Om HRAAM NAMAHA” and “OM HREEM NAMAHA”. Chant them, while doing the Mudra. The entire circulation will be strengthened.
     For high BP too, this Mudra is very helpful.
     It may be twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes🙏

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