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Easy Meditation For Beginners Through Mudras & Beejamantras – ( ध्यान करने की सुगम ऐंवम सर्वोत्तम विधि )

Please chant the following beeja mantra of Lord RAM, orally or mentally :

Raaaaaaaaammm (राम) in long-slow-deep breathing (so as to have 8 to 4 breaths per minute during the daily practice) & being sitting in Jnana (ज्ञान हस्त मुद्रा) hasta mudra ‘n’ keeping back bone straight in an any easy pose- concentrating on your deep breathing – (इन्हैलिंग/ एक्सहैलिंग) or on third eye point lying in between eye brows for 20+ minutes (gradually increase it to 40 minutes) in morning and or evening or whenever convenient having faith ‘n’ patience. Better to be seated on some kind of a bad conductor ‘asana’ like a piece made from Jute – so that the energy produced in the meditation process doesn’t get leaked to earth! A place having an Airy and a Peaceful atmosphere is also recommended! An AC room will also do!

In starting, one may notice that the sound of “RAM” beejamantra would be in the background and far away whereas one’s day to day life experiences & business thoughts would be close and in forefront.

During tne first few days, one may notice ones mind frequently & easily gets distracted somewhere here and there- but nothing to feel worry about as this distracting is quite normal in the beginning and you will see the frequency of such disturbing distraction of wavering mind would go on becoming less n less day by day of the continued practice!

And after a few weeks of continuous practice, the reversal process of mental distraction would be bound to start and chanting Ram Ram Ram ….. will start in the subconscious mind automatically!

You would be surprised to see later that your ida (breathing in left side nostril) ‘n’ pingala (breathing in right side nostril) energies will start merging in sushumna nadi breathing (breathing with both the nostrils simultaneously) – a sure shot positive sign of chakras & kundalini activation and your being in the “Meditative State”!

This will ensure the balancing of Autonomic Nervous System by merging of Sympathetic & Parasympathetic or Left & Right or Positive & Negative or Solar / Hot & Lunar / Cold or Male & Female Energies with each other!

As a result – you would note a sea positive change in your life perception plus a much much better mental, physical, social and emotional health!

Science behind need to have the following points described above will be dealt with in detail for the use of advance meditation:-

1. Holding Jnana / Gyan Hasta Mudra;

2. Need to take a slow, deep & long breathing:

3. An ‘Asan’ made of Bad Conductor of Heat material like JUTE:

4. Chanting of RAM Beejamantra:

5. Keeping one’s backbone straight:

6. Limiting ones Breathing to 8 to 4 times a minute:

7. Ida, Pingla, Sushumna, Chakras and Kundalini Activation:

Good Wishes!🙏


By Hastamudraexpert

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(IAS, HCS Exams Qualified)

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Dy Distt Edu Officer, Fbd,

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Faridabad Education Council,
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- Distt President, Haryana Edu Officers Assoc;
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An Experienced Holistic Well-being Vedic Educator In The Field Of:
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Vedic Hasta Mudras Yoga Therapy,
Chakras Balancing,
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Meditation, Nadi Shodhan Pranayam &
Vedic Astrology!
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