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Kuber Hasta Mudra reminds you that if you trust the Universe, you will always have enough!

Kuber Hasta Mudra is considered quite used to manifest things into the world – may it be concerning with the achievement of a goal or fulfilment of an awaited aimbition or whether it’s wealth, achieving a goal!
Kuber mudra is also used for attracting a regular flow of abundant energy and material well-being.

This mudra balances fire, air, and space and reminds you that if you trust the Universe, you will always have enough and you will always be taken care of.
Its constant practice promotes joy and serenity in creating. This is rightly said that Kubera mudra allows us to bring to light wishes that we would like fulfilled.

How To: Keep touching the tips of thumbs, index and middle fingers of both the hands, while keeping the ring and little fingers on the palms as seen in the picture. May practice for 24 minutes once or twice a day, more preferably while offering prayers and or reciting mantras of your Deity!


By Hastamudraexpert

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