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Show Hidden Talent, Creativity to become succesful by practicing Linga & Pran Mudras.

Interlock all the fingers from both the hands, while keeping the left thumb upwards.

  1. Some say, “I have so much of talent. I am not able to do anything. I don’t know how to come out of my house and do things”.

If they do this Mudra, it unfolds all the creativity in them and makes the doors open to them. Our ideas can be marketed easily also.

  1. Linga Mudra is also very good for Cervical Spondylosis and Spondylitis.
  2. Some people say, “After marriage I am wasting my time”. Let them be in this Mudra.
  3. For cold and cough, this Mudra is very effective.

Linga Mudra is done for a purpose. Once the purpose is over, stop doing it.

However, who will do it for one or two hours just like that? Only if anyone does that, then Ki and other things will be generated.

Then do Pran mudra as a finishing mudra to feel and become Safe & Secure.


By Hastamudraexpert

YogaAcharya Gagan Wadhwa in Association with DC Chaudhary - an Educationist, presents - Well-being Hastamudras Yoga Therapy for Educational Purpose so that the Learners may get immense benifits of remaining Healthy of their own!

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