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Curing Nasal allergy, Running Nose, Congestion, Headache by Chanting CLEAR ADJUST NOW SwitchWords Being in Linga Hasta Mudra followed with Pran Hasta Mudra

Naran Remedy For
Nasal allergy , running nose, congestion, headache
Chant Switch Words:
by being in the LINGA MUDRA for 15-30 minutes.

Interloking all the fingers of both hands, keep left thumb upright


Then be in PRAN MUDRA for 30 minutes.

Pran Hasta Mudra
Pran Hasta Mudra practice also helps in becoming and feeling Safe & Secure in life in all respect. Saving habits also gets inculcated with its practice.

By Hastamudraexpert

DC Chaudhery, (BSc; MCom; MEd);
(IAS, HCS Exams Qualified)

Former: DPC-SSA cum
Dy Distt Edu Officer, Fbd,

- Governing Body,
Faridabad Education Council,
- Ethical Committee,
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad.

Former Advisor:
Faridabad Navchetna Trust;
(Patron: Hon'ble Vipul Goel Minister)
Dr OP Bhalla Foundation -
(Manav Rachna University, Fbd.)

Former Member:
- Haryana State EducatIon Committee;
- Member, Exams Board of School EducatIon, Haryana;
- Resource Person, Deptt of Education, Haryana;
- Distt President, Haryana Edu Officers Assoc;
- Fin & Admin Advisor,
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Fbd cum Admnistrator Echelon Engg Inst;

An Experienced Holistic Well-being Vedic Educator In The Field Of:
Kundalini Awakening Through
Vedic Hasta Mudras Yoga Therapy,
Chakras Balancing,
Beeja Mantras Jap Yoga,
Meditation, Nadi Shodhan Pranayam &
Vedic Astrology!
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