Varun /Jal Mudra वरुण / जल मुद्रा Cures Diseases of Pitta & Kapha Deficiency Dosha and also Cures Excessive Vatta Dosha problems like dry, cracked skin & joint pain. (वरुण / जल हस्त मुद्रा)

🤳 All the diseases causes due to excess of vatta dosha and deficiency of Pita and Kapha Doshas can be healed by practising varun mudra  diseases caused 

Varun वरुण Jal मुद्रा. We know that Water is an essential element for forming Kapha and Pitta Property and found less in the person having a Excessive Vatta Dosha.
Varun/Jal Mudra therefore Cures Diseases having deficiency of Pitta & Kapha Dosha. On the other hand, being Vayu dry by nature, there is a lack of water element in Excessive Vata Dosha person. If you are a Vata dominant person, then practising this mudra along with Vatta Naashak Mudra is very helpful for you to cure vatta dosha problems like dehydration, crackness & dryness of the skin & joint pains.

Benifits: Also known as Beauty Mudra, it nourishes to shine our hair and gives well hydrated wrinkle free glowing skin by cleaning our blood and maintains body fluid balancing. It prevents eyes dryness, cures cracked skin, psoriasis, acne, exema, dry cough, muscular pains, cramps and makes our body flexible. It also gives clarity of thoughts and effective communicative skills and also sharpens one memory!

It also Activates & Balances the Hara स्वाधिष्ठान Chakra along chanting Beeja Mantra ॐ वं नमः!

Chanting- Worthy Naran S Balakumar’s “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” – ऊँ हौं वं जूं सः help Curing any type of Infections and Viral Dis-eases, fever , bacterial, and fungal. JOOM is the mantra which has the power of Vishnu. HOWM destroys the infection. SAHA cleanses the space around. This mantra is a space clearing energy.

How to :– Let the Small Fingers Tips Touch The Thumbs Tips of both the Hands for 16+ minutes!

To Cure Dry Cough, Cracked Skin during winters, caused by disorders of Dry Air – Vata-excess, practice this mudra with Vayu-shamak mudra simultaneously with both the hands!