Surya Mudra – A Short Description

Surya / Agni Mudra may also be practiced with a full stomach or in a standing, sitting or lying down posture.

Benefits of Surya Mudra:-
Mudra of Sun provides energy and makes us fit to cure to lower cholesterol levels, fat and weight,
Practicing Surya mudra after Apan mudra and before Linga mudra, twice a day for 20 minutes helps a better metabolism to cure indigestion n constipation.

Thyroid diseases are cured by pressing this pressure from the ring finger in the palm at the central point of the thyroid gland.
It has a profound effect on our body, soul, and mind, it keeps you healthy and also prolongs your age.
It also controls the amount of urea in the blood. And also avoids the disease of diabetes.
Generally, Surya Mudra is very beneficial for women who gain weight.🙏