Mudras Working: Third Party Research Papers

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  1. Classification of Electrophotonic Images of Yogic Practice of Mudra through Neural Networks [source]
  2. Therapeutic Role of Yoga in Type 2 Diabetes [source]
  3. hand mudra effect on cardiac and neurological parameters in preventing heart attack [source]
  4. Ancient Healing Rediscovered [source]

Report on use of Apan Vayu Mudra for Heart Patients

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Report on use of Pran Mudra for the benifit of Eyes –

A set of daily use – Mudras recommend by Mr Abhay Saha, Ms Indu Aurora and Mr Nadan in the following three respective pictures:-

Three Steps to Fulfilment by Mr Naran
If you have a desire that’s not fulfilled (let us say you want to be an actor), then do the following:
1. Do the Pushan-Mudra 1 (Acceptance Mudra) and affirm, “I accept myself totally. I release my desire to be an actor”.
If you want to reduce your weight then affirm, “I accept myself totally. I release my desire to reduce my weight”.
Or you affirmation could be, “I I accept myself totally. I release my desire to look attractive”. Thus release all your desires to loose your weight.
Why should I release my desires? Even desires are a form of resistance to achieve our goals and objectives.
2. Do Akash Mudra (Jupiter) and affirm, “I release my resistance to become an actor”. If you have a desire that is unfulfilled, it means there is a resistance inside you. To reduce your weight, affirm, “I release my resistance to reduce my weight”.
Sometimes we want something consciously, but unconsciously we will be resisting that. This is called psychological reversal.
3. Do Kuber Mudra (Movement Mudra) and affirm, “I have become an actor”, “I have started to act in so and so film” as though the desire has happened already.
At least spend 5-15 minutes in each Mudra, in the order mentioned. Do them twice a day.