SAHAJ SHANKH Mudra (To Cure Slip Disc, Back Pain, Homorrides & Stammering etc)

Sahaj Shankh सहज शंख मुद्रा – Used To Cure All Kinds of Roota, Solar & Throat Chakra Related Problems like – हकलाने – तुतलाने (वाला व्यक्ति यह तो जानता है कि उसे क्या बोलना है, लेकिन वह बोल नहीं पाता और एक ही अक्षर या शब्द बार-बार दोहराता है। यह समस्या बोलने से जुड़ी मांसपेशियों और जीभ पर नियंत्रण न होने से पैदा होती है।), Piles, Stomach Related Problems like Digestion, Intestines, Gastritis, Slip Disk, Back Pains Etc Etc. by Strengthening Nerves!

The SAHAJ SHANKH Hasta Mudra is said to energises the following TEN NERVE-NADIES -like Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Gandhari, Hastijihva, Poosha, Yashasvini, Alambhushaa, Kohoo and Shankhini. This is worth noting that since the Shankhini Nadi activates our Mooladhara Chakra helping in rising of our serpent power Kundalini towards upper chakras! – hence this is but natural that Shankhini Nadi, the “mother of pearl energy channel,” originates in the throat and ends in the anus – cures all problems related from throat to anus region. Its energy flows between sarasvati nadi (Sarasvati – nadi which is behind Susumna nadi, terminating at the tongue, controlling speech and keeping the abdominal organs free from disease) and gandhari nadi (Gandhari – One of the nadis said to be behind the Ida nadi, terminating near the left eye, regulating the function of sight) on the left side of sushumna nadiAshvini mudra (the conscious contraction of the anus) is an another effective way of activating this nadi.

Sahaj Shankh Mudra is a multi use mudra which is very effective in providing relief for back problems, especially for those suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and other back problems like Slip Disc because it helps in strengthening our back and keeping it straight, making it flexible too! In addition, it cures the root, solar plexus and throat chakras related problems. Concerning Solar plexus chakra, it cures anus diseases like indigestion, gastric & acidity disorders, hommeriods – piles, fissures, fistula balancing eating disorders and appetite. And concerning the Throat Chakra, it cures stammering and throat related issues and thus helps in becoming mentally alert, quite-calm so that we feel remaining happy and cheerful!

To summarize the uses:- It cures digestion, piles and problems related to the anus, Slip disc, especially the ankylosing spondylitis, makes our body flexible, spinal cord becomes straight with a long regular practice – even if the back used to remain bent & unstraight previously!

Similar to Shankha Mudra Sahaj Shankh Mudra is useful in curing speech, voice, digestive power, stomach and intestine problems.

How To?:
Preferably being in Vajrasan or in any sukhasan and keeping the pose of this mudra near the point of Solar plexuses, interlock the fingers of both the hands, and press both palms together.