Prana /A-Prana Healing To Get Oxygen & To Become Alkaline / Non Acidic

Lets Heal our Pranic Field… by learning to know to How do we get oxygen by proper Breathing and Being remain in Silence through Meditation?We get Prana through our food. If we are stressed out then we won’t feel like eating properly.
What is the secret then? Oxygen is bound with Prana – the universal energy. Lack of Prana is A-Prana. 
Prana means life. A-Prana means death. When Prana enters the body, A-Prana enters too. That’s why when we take birth we had to undergo death as well.
When we inhale, we are inhaling universal energy. So , let’s inhale in a healthy way.
Prana is composed of five elements — water, fire, water, space and earth. The earth energy comes from vegetables and food. By taking in water, we provide energy to body.
The Pranic Body is affected by…When we go through certain emotions, the body changes it pattern of breathing.
When we get angry–the breathing is rapid and shallow. When we worry or be fearful, we don’t breathe at all. Immediately, the Pranic field is affected.
Thus, when we change our breathing consciously, then our emotions change automatically.
Breathing through the right nostril stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, while the left nostril activates the Para-sympathetic nervous system.
In fact, if you close the right nostril, automatically you will relax without any conscious effort, because breathing through left nostril increases the coolness of the body, while breathing through right nostril stimulates heat.
When the body’s alkaline is 7.4 then it will be healthy. If it is less than 6 then it will become unhealthy and thus acidic. Calmness increases alkaline, while stress increases acidic.
In any situation where there is hue and cry, for example a funeral, A-Prana is high. That’s why when you enter such a place you feel negative. In hospital too it’s high. If A-Prana is pre-dominant then we will fall sick or may die even if A-Prana is too much dominant within us.

In general, we go to many places and thus meeting different people, and then we will get more A-Prana. When we have more A-Prana then we face a virus attack including AIDS virus.
How To Heal the Pranic Body by…By doing deep breathing the Pranic body can be cleansed.
Being in tune with Nature…None of us are in tune with nature. To be so, we should change our breathing pattern to 10 to 12 breaths every minute. Normally, our intake is 20 to 26 breaths per minute. So we need to reduce that.
Also we have to condition our breath. This is done by doing Pranayama with the breathing pattern  1:4:2:2 or 4:1:5:2.
Additionally, we have to breathe from the throat. This will make us to take longer breaths. This will make breathing easier and it will not put stress on the nose either.
We are living in the world where there is less oxygenWe are living in the atmosphere where there is lack of oxygen. It should contain 20% of oxygen. But it doesn’t. Less the oxygen around us, then less will be our health.
When there is less sound there will be more oxygen. That’s why we have to be silent. But how is this possible in this noise polluted world? Only through Meditation.
Two types of nervous systems…Body is functioning with the help of an autonomous system. We have Para-sympathetic and Sympathetic nervous systems.
Para-sympathetic system takes over anything automatically. For example, Heart, Stomach (used for digestion), and lungs are operated by Para-sympathetic nervous system without any intervention from our side.
Digestion of food doesn’t wait for our signal to operate. We have to thank god for such a precious ability of our body.
Parasympathetic nervous system is connected to every cell of the body through the spinal cord.
The Sympathetic nervous system closes the cells as a reaction when we are under stress. Why?
When we are in continous stress for a period of 36 hours or more – then a signal is sent to our cells with a flight or fight message. The cells then will either go into a fighting mode or protection/growth mode. Cells get closed if they don’t receive any oxygen.In such a situation – a Long n Slow Breathing pattern may be helpful.