Cure Diseases through squeezing the five fingers representing the five elements & Understanding Elements & Chakras Relationship

Mudras play an important role in assisting the energetic flow of the chakras, and using specific mudras is important to remove blockages in various chakras by strengthening and stimulating the energy channels leading to them.

Each of our fingers embody the energy of a different major chakra and this is equally true on each of our hands.

‘Elements’ in Indian Philosophy
According to yoga tradition, each of our fingers relates to the energy of one of five ‘elements’ as well as to the chakra associated with that element. These elements are: earth (matter in solid form), water (matter in liquid form), fire (radiant matter, such as electricity), air (matter in gaseous form) and ether (the sound quality of space).

Chinease Way Disease Cure by squeezing of five fingers that represent Five Elements:-

The Littler Finger: This represents the water element, fear and the kidneys. If you try squeezing your little finger a few times now you will feel a calming effect.

The ring finger represents wood, the liver, nervous system, bladder and anger. Try squeezing the ring finger and you will diminishes any anger.

The middle finger is fire, the small intestine, respiratory system and circulatory system. This finger corresponds with the emotions of haste and impatients. Squeeze the finger a few times now and notice how it makes you feel more relaxed and less rushed.

The index finger corresponds with the element of metal, the large intestine, lungs and with the emotions of grief and depression. Try squeezing the index finger a few times and you will feel happier.

The thumb: The thumb is earth, the stomach and worry. Squeeze your thumb a few times and you will stop worrying.

वैदिक पद्धति अनुसार, पंचमहाभूतों के असुंतलन से होने वाली कुछ एक मुख्य मुख्य रोग व व्याधियाँ:-

वायु तत्व की मात्रा घट−बढ़ जाने से गठिया, लकवा, दर्द, कम्प, अकड़न, गुल्म, हड़फूटन, नाड़ी विक्षोभ आदि उत्पन्न होते हैं। अग्नि तत्व में अन्तर पड़ने से फोड़े, फुन्सी, रक्त पित्त, हैजा, दस्त, क्षय, श्वास, उपदंश, दाह, खून फिसाद आदि की वृद्धि होती है। जल तत्व की गड़बड़ी से जलोदर, पेचिश, संग्रहणी, बहुमूत्र, प्रमेह, स्वप्नदोष, सोमप्रदर, जुकाम, खाँसी जैसे रोग प्रकट होते हैं। पृथ्वी तत्व बढ़ जाने से फीलपाँव, तिल्ली, जिगर, रसौली, मेद वृद्धि, मोटापा आदि रोग होते हैं। आकाश तत्व के विकार से मूर्छा, मृगी, उन्माद, पागलपन, सनक, अनिद्रा, ब्रह्म शक, घबराहट, दुःस्वप्न, गूँगापन, बहरापन, विस्मृति आदि शिकायतें पैदा होती हैं। दो−तीन या अधिक विकारों के मिश्रण से अन्य पचासों तरह के रोग उत्पन्न होते हैं।

On each of your hands, the ‘fire’ energy of the solar plexus chakra (manipura) is contained in the thumbs. Our solar plexus chakra is like a battery that stores excess energy and drives the other chakras. In our physical body, it controls digestion, the muscles and our sense of sight. Manipura chakra also governs our will power, self-esteem, self-confidence, charisma, courage, ambition and integrity.

The ‘air’ element of our heart chakra (anahata) governs the respiratory and circulatory systems, sense of touch, and our arms and hands. It enables us to experience joy, unselfish love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. Mudras using the index finger, such as the well known ‘chin mudra’, can balance by the increase or decrease of the presence of the air element.

If you choose to work with your throat chakra (vishuddha), you can do so by using mudras involving your middle finger. These can help you to improve your communication skills and help you to better appreciate silence, and to be more artistic and innovative.

The root chakra at base of our body (muladhara) relates to the earth element and provides our energetic foundation. Mudras working with the ring finger can help you to gain more stability and poise in your life, and to be more rooted in the present moment. On a physical level, they can help you to improve your posture, especially if you tend to be clumsy or accident-prone.

The sacral chakra (swadhisthana) is accessed by mudras involving our little finger. These gestures can enhance our ability to be adaptive and to ‘go with the flow’, to being able to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. They help us to let go of what you no longer need.