Money Saving Habit Forming Through Mudras & Beejamantras!

If we notice that we cannot keep excess money ever as all is spent soon after the money is received due to our over spending habits or expenses arising of some unexpected circumstances like falling ill etc. so that no savings are done at all!

To make our goal to pay off all of iur debts and have healthy savings so that we could travel, pay for classes and start a small biz :

What method of healing are suggested to accomplish our goals?


  1. Download a picture of WILD ROSE and keep it under the pillow, for cutting the expenses.
  2. Be in Pushan Mudra daily for at least 20 minutes.
  3. For savings be in the Vitality Mudra (Pran Mudra) while in the bed and chant TOGETHER COUNT.


WILD ROSE: the Bach flower remedy when you had given up and watching things lamely

PUSHAN MUDRA-1: the Acceptance Mudra to balance your income and expenditure.

VITALITY MUDRA: the safe and secure Mudra for money and stability.

TOGETHER: the switch word will take care of your internal resistance to save money

COUNT: to find money