Mahasirs / MahaSheersh / LargeHead Mudra (महासिर / महाशीर्ष हस्त मुद्रा) – For A Quick Relief From The Headache

Mahasirs / Mahasheersh  Mudra Quick Relief From Headache महासिर / महाशीर्ष हस्त मुद्रा – सर दर्द निवारक
Touch Index & Middle Fingers Tips with Thumbs (Forming Vyan Mudra) & Place Ring Fingers on Thumbs Pad (Making Surya Mudra)

Science Behind The Effect of This Mudra:- Mahasirs mudra is consisted of a combo of Vyan (Index&Middle Fingers Tips Touching Thumbs Tips) and Surya/Agni (Ring Finger placed on Palm on the Thumbs Pads) hasta mudras. The Vyan mudra part making proper circulation of blood and oxygen in the Nervous system which reduces stress, tension, headache and the Agni mudra part relives the headache by the drainage of the mucous congestion in the frontal. The Main Function Of Mahasirs Mudra Is To Balance Energy And To Relieve Tension, Migraines, Eye Strain And It Is Also Able To Remove Mucous Congestion From The Frontal Sinuses.

Headaches may be caused due to many reasons and hardly disappears unless some kind of medicine is taken. Frequently, weather influences or tension in the eyes, neck, back, or pelvis are at fault; or there are problems with the sinuses or digestion. All of this can result in too much energy being focused on the head, and this leads to tension that causes pain in the head. In order to release this tension, it is important to direct consciousness into other body parts abdomen, feet, or hands. The Mahasirs Mudra balances energy, has a tension-relieving effect, and eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses.

For Chronic Headaches – Do This For 6+ minutes 3-4 Times A Day, along with Gyan & Akash Hasta Mudras


How To Do? Touch The Middle and Index Fingers Tips with Thumbs of both the hands and put Ring Fingers on the Palm Surface while the Little Fingers will stand erected for 06+ minutes!

Affirmation; Concentrate on your breath as you inhale and exhale. While exhaling, imagine the flow of energy from head to neck, arms, legs, back, hands and feet and after some time imagine coolness in the hand. May keep doing this mudra for about five-six minutes or even more and then release yourself from the mudra and feel relaxed.

Better, to practice additionally, Gyan & Akash Mudras fot some time for getting a permanent relief.