Linga Mudra:- A Short Description

(Upright Mudra)

Technique: Place both palms
together and clasp your fingers. One
thumb sho uld remain upright;
encircle it with the thumb and index
finger of your other hand.
Do as needed or three times a day for
15 minutes. Basic position: Stand up;
legs are slightly spread, knees bent
somewhat, and hands are in front of
the chest. Inhalation: Throw your
arms behind you, turn your head to
the right, and look over your
shoulder. Exhalation: Return your
hands to your chest and turn your
head to the front. Repeat at least ten
Benefits: This finger position
increases the powers of resistance
against coughs, colds, and chest
infections. It also loosens mucus that
has collected in the lungs. In
addition, it is very useful for people
who suffer from respiratory
complaints when the weather
changes. It also increases the body