Lalitam SadaShivam BeejaMantra for Happy Married Life

Lalithan Sadhashivam

Lalitham Sadashivam is good for marriage also. If a marriage has to be done, this can be used a lot. To get
married – “Lalitham Sadashivam“.

To heal love pangs – this mantra is certainly the finest balm for healing the pangs of disappointed love.
(निराश प्रेम की पीड़ा-कसक को दूर करने के लिए यह मंत्र एक अति उत्तम मरहम की भांति उपयोगी है।  – this mantra can be used.    It will heal love pangs. A husband-wife pair had lived for 60 years. Around 80 yrs of age, husband passes away. Lady could not live without the husband. Then, I gave her “Lalitham Sadashivam”.

Balancing Inner Male and Inner Female

The specialty of this mantra is that – for a male person, it will heal the female aspect; for a female person, it will heal the male aspect. Thus it will balance both halves of the person.  We usually say there is a “male-female imbalance” then only we will have such problems. We say that I cannot live without someone or I cannot be without this person. You can be without any person in this world. That is the meaning of this mantra because you are complete by yourself. To realize that “You are total and complete by yourself “is the purpose and greatness of this mantra.

Lalitham Sadashivam –

the inner meaning is “ArdhaNareeswara” – a perfect blend of male and female. What is marriage? If you are a female, when we go in search of a male – You will select the right person when your male-female aspects are in balance. Right person will come; this mantra will help so that the most-fitting person becomes the husband. For those who are unmarried you are fortunate to have this mantra.



क्रीडा ते लोकरचना सखा ते चिन्मय: शिव :
आहारस्ते सदानन्दो वासस्ते हृदये सताम्‌ ।

शिव की लीला-सखी होने के कारण आपका नाम ललिता है । लोकरचना आप की क्रीडा है ।चिन्मय शिव आपके सखा हैं । सदानन्द आपका आहार है । सत्पुरुषों के हृदय में आप विराजमान हैं ।
आगम-शास्त्र के अनुसार परमशिव की आदि सिसृक्षा ही विश्व में शक्ति रूप से विद्यमान है ।