Kapha Naashak (कफ़ नाशक मुद्रा) / Pitta Vardhak / Kidney Hasta Mudra

Kapha Naashak Mudra decreases the Kapha humor within the body. Pitta is concerned with the bodily heat (digestion/metabolism) and the circulatory system. These entities are stimulated and reinforced by this mudra.

This is an excellent mudra for people having a kapha excess or a Pitta deficiency in their bodies. They can regularly perform this mudra even to prevent illness. However, people who have an excess of Pitta (heat) in their bodies should practice it in moderation, if at all.

Benefits of Kapha-nashak mudra:

Kapha-nashak mudra or Pitta-kaarak mudra is useful in following conditions.

Improve enthusiasm and initiative.

The slowness of perception and activities.

Improve self-esteem.

To overcome all the health problems of the winter season.

Coldness of skin.

Oily, greasy skin or hair.

Absent of scanty perspiration.

Loss of appetite, indigestion, slow digestion.


Obesity or easy weight gain.


Scanty menses

Excessive mucous in the respiratory, digestive tracts causing colds, wet cough, sticky stools, etc

Pitta-kaarak mudra is very useful in the treatment of vision-related disorders and eye disorders.

Anti-Pollution Mudra admin admin 6 years ago Client Every day I go through heavy traffic to reach my office. At the end of the day I feel I have a stuffy nose and tend to get cold and dry cough very often. Naran S Balakumar Do the VARUN Mudra (Jal Shamak Variant) for 15 minutes as shown in the picture. Then do the Kuber mudra or so called MOVEMENT Mudra with PRAN Mudra down (Index and Middle fingers touching the tip of the thumb, while placing the ring and little fingers at the base of the thumb, on both the hands). The Varuna Mudra will discharge the polluted stuff from the lungs. The Pran Mudra down will act as a Fire Mudra converting the thick mucus to water. Client I find my nose gets clearly and breathing gets improved. It also removes my sleepy feeling after having my lunch. Naran S Balakumar The Varun Mudra is an Anti-Allergy Mudra. The PRAN Mudra stands for earth and water – when it is more it will increase lethargy, the opposite is Fire Mudra which reduces lethargy.