Hasta Mudra Cure For High B.P. and Heart Diseases with Apan Vayu Mudra Apan Vayu Apana Vayu Apaana Vayu Sanjeevani Hast Mudra अपान वायु संजीवनी हस्त मुद्रा – ह्र्दय रोग Mudra for Curing Heart, Vaata Vata Vaat, Gas/ Digestion Related Issues


A Sure Shot for controlling Heart problems, high blood pressure and for relieving from acidity, gas formation, eructation, belching, and strengthens the digestive system & for clearing the bowl for sure if doing this mudra even while sitting on Commode

(Apan Vayu – A Combo of Apan and Vayu Mudras is also known as Sanjeevani or ह्रदय Mudra because it treats the Heart related Problemls).

We can further improve energisation of the inner circulation of the heart by
mentally chanting the mantras, “OM HRAAM NAMAHA” on inhaling and “OM HREEM NAMAHA” on exhaling while doing the Mudra.

Use: It is good for Heart, Asthma, respiration, Large & Small Intestines and all other Digestion related Diseases.

How is this helpful? When air element – (being dry, cold and even polluted in some cases) increases in the body, it causes constriction of heart arteries – making these hard and narrow. In Apan Vayu Mudra, the Vayu Mudra part helps to get relieved the arteriosclerosis’ of the heart, and the Prithvi Mudra part strengthens the heart muscles and remove blockages in arteries.•

It relieves angina immediately.•

It normalizes blood pressure and thus saves us from both high as well as low blood pressure, as it stimulates the circulatory system.

In case of palpitations or weak pulse, this Mudra will normalize the pulse rate immediately.•

It also reduces nervousness, as it quietens / calms the nervous system.•It helps in relieving acidity, gas formation, eructation, belching, and strengthens the digestive system. It solves all diseases of the intestines, colic, colitis, etc;•

It is highly effective in respiratory diseases like asthma. This Mudra, by cleansing the blood circulatory system, alos helps the lungs in their functioning. People who suffer from difficult breathing while climbing stairs or walking fast should do this Mudra for about 10 minutes before climbing stairs; they will feel much better.•It is also highly effective in curing migraine. Migraine or headache is primarily due to weak digestion or excited nerves. As already mentioned, this Mudra quietens the nervous system and strengthens digestive system therefor leaving no cause for migraine.• By soothing the nervous system, it induces sleep and cures insomnia. •According to Ayurveda, any imbalance in the three “doshas” – Vata, Pitta and Kapha causes diseases. Apan Vayu Mudra restores balance in these three ‘doshas’. Apan Vayu Mudra stimulates and strengthens the blood circulatory system – digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system and the nervous system. Apan Vayu Mudra is a very helpful mudra in our daily lives and also in emergencies like heart attack. If practiced regularly over a long period of time, it is helpful in a number of  heart ailments and prevents probability of heart attacks and their recurrence. It also lessens heart palpitations, heartache, anxiety, panic brief, overwhelming, sadness attack and heart heaviness,


It is found helpful to balance the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha).

It is also helpful in the improvement of digestive fire as well as lungs capacity.

Detailed Benefits of Sanjeevani Mudra:-

  1. Heart (Anahata): As the name suggests, the Hridaya Mudra (Heart Gesture) when practiced right, benefits the heart and any problems related to the heart. The heart being the most important organ in the human body needs to be stimulated with the practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation and mudras. This mudra helps to redirect prana towards the heart, thereby controlling any problems related to the heart. Along with the physical benefits, at the emotional level too this mudra opens the heart balancing the students emotions and tensions. To benefit from the practice of Hirdaya Mudra, the same should be done for at least a minimum of 15 minutes.
  2. Elements: Each finger represents one of the elements that when activated or stimulated helps to keep the body and mind in balance. In Hridaya Mudra, the index finger (air element) helps to reduce the excess air in the body, while the other fingers; thumb (fire), middle (space), and ring (earth) when pressed increases the respective elements. Space element helps with the supply of oxygen to the heart, earth element helps to strengthen the muscles of the heart, and the fire element increases the heat, reducing the toxins, thereby bringing balance to all the elements.
  3. Digestion: Since the other name for Hridaya Mudra is Apan Vayu Mudra, the practice of the same helps to reduce excess air in the body. Reducing excess air stimulates the digestive fire keeping a better balance on digestion. Here, vayu means air, and any excess of the same brings problems related to the stomach, hence this mudra helps to relieve the excess gas (vaju/air).
  4. Insomnia: The practice of Hridaya Mudra (Heart Gesture) brings a cooling and calming effect on the nervous system, hence good for students suffering with insomnia. But, care should be taken with regards to the time duration along with the guidance from a yoga teacher, as the over-practice of the same may bring other consequences.
  5. A Migraine, Blood Pressure, and Asthma: Since the practice of this mudra is related to the heart and the digestive system, ailments like a migraine (better digestion), blood pressure (better oxygen to heart) or asthma (with reduced toxins) are under control and with repeated practice can be cured.
  6. Body Pain and Arthritis: Hridaya Mudra (Heart Gesture) also called as Apan Vayu Mudra is said to help reduce any pain in the body and is also beneficial for those students suffering from arthritis. Any pain related to the joints or even neck, head, back, tooth, etc., can be kept in control. Better supply of blood with improved nervous system will support the entire body keeping it in balance, with fewer ailments.
  7. Meditation: The most important part of the practice of Hridaya Mudra (Heart Gesture) is the support the body and mind gets in being calm and stress free. With a calm and a stress free body and mind students can benefit, preparing for meditation. The heart feels open and grounded with the practice of Hridaya Mudra and hence also ready for meditation.

How To ?: Place the Vayu Element/(वायु तत्त्व) Index fingers of both the hands at the root pad of the thumb and let the tip
of the Fire Elements (अग्नि तत्व) Thumbs, Akash Element (आकाश तत्व) Middle Fingers and Earth Elements (पृथ्वी तत्व) Ring Fingers gentally touch each other. Extend the Little Fingers straight.

Emotional Controlling Benefits: Hridaya Mudra may prove very helpful to release pent-up emotion and unburden your heart. It is an excellent mudra to practice during times of emotional conflict and crisis and to open heart blockage and to balance blood pressure too! This can also be practiced for about 20 minutes after meals for proper digestion!

Time Duration: To Cure Heart Problems Practice for 48 minutes daily followed by Practicing Pran Hasta Mudra for 20 Minutes.

NB. May Chant – a little loud or mentally the following mantras, “OM HRAAM NAMAHA” on inhaling and “OM HREEM NAMAHA” on exhaling while doing the Mudra to cure heart related issues!

Prana – Helping Mudra:- To get the full advantage of this mudra for curing the heart related issues – practicing Pran Hasta Mudra for 20 Minutes – immediately after practicing Apana Vayu Hasta Mudra is found highly beneficial!

Practicing Prana Hasta Mudra after Apana Vayu Hasta Mudra for 20+ Minutes – provide long lasting immunity to our Heart & all other Body Organs!

A Case Study: Chanting ॐ ह्रौं नमः OM HROWM Namah along with 20+ Minutes regular practice of Apana Vayu Hasta Mudra along with Prana hasta mudra in between helped me in relieving acidity, gas formation, eructation, belching, and strengthened the digestive system.

During Tracking at Dalahauzi Hills to Kala Top – keeping practicing Apan Vayu & Pran mudras – I climbed the top – much early than the other district education officers follow freinds from Haryana state in June 2014 and came back of my own – whereas the other officers came back by boarding taxies- since they felt tired and exhausted!

Even others personal experience of doing this Mudra is found very very positive and could give guarantee that if someone regularly does this mudra just for 20+ minutes a day on prolonged basis, it will definitely relieve from all the gas from the stomach. And if by chance this mudra is not giving desired results than let those practice Jnana Mudra while sitting on commode and chanting SwitchWord “Gentian Move On”, it will surely clear the bowel almost 100%. Alternatively, Surya/Agni, Kidney Mudra Linga, Vyan, mudras may also be practiced for a proper metabolism !

FitSri Version of Apan Vayu Mudra:- Apana Vayu Mudra: The Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra Apana Vayu mudra is a therapeutic mudra, mainly helps in healing heart-related diseases. This mudra is also known as Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra. But why we call it Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra? In Ramayana, Sanjeevni was a herb that revived Lord Laxmana from the unconsciousness. This herb snatched Lord Laxmana back from the grasp of death. Similarly, Apana Vayu Mudra also snatches us back from the hold of death due to heart attack and other heart-related problems. Therefore we call it Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra. Now, we’ll see how does this mudra works. You might know that every finger of our hands associated with some energy. Thumb – Energy of Fire Index Finger – Energy of Air Middle Finger – Ether energy Ring Finger – Earth (Grounding) energy Little Finger – Water energy According to Ayurveda, disbalance in these elements leads to disorders in our body. So, it is important to maintain the balance of these elements in the body. Mainly disbalance in the earth, air, and fire element is responsible for heart-related disorders. Apana Vayu mudra includes gesture of the thumb, middle finger, ring finger, and index finger. This mudra increases the earth element with the fire element and decreases the air element in the body. This balance of element helps to clean the body and supply more oxygen to the heart. As a result, this increases the strength of our heart. We fold the index finger in this mudra which reduces the excess of air element in the body. Thus, this mudra balances these three elements and gives relief from heart disorders and many other problems. Now, you have plenty of information about Apana Vayu mudra, so lets know how to perform this mudra. How to Do Apana Vayu Mudra apana vayu mudra steps Apana Vayu mudra quite looks like a combination of Shunya mudra and Apana mudra. This mudra includes movement of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger. To perform this mudra, you need to join the tip of the thumb with the tip of the middle finger and ring finger. After that touch the tip of the index finger at the baseline of the thumb. Now, let’s move towards the steps to perform this mudra. Steps to Perform Apana Vayu Mudra At first, sit in a yoga asana such as padmasana, sukhasana, or vajrasana. Make yourself relaxed. Be comfortable with the asana. You must get comfortable to perform any mudra properly. Try to sit on a yoga mat. This will help you get comfortable and maintain balance. Now, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths. This will regulate the flow of prana to your heart and mind. This will help you in better relaxation. This is the sitting posture that you need to maintain. Now, let’s see how to arrange fingers in this mudra. Finger Arrangement in Apana Vayu Mudra Firstly, join the tip of the middle finger and ring finger, with the tip of the thumb. Secondly, bend the index finger towards the thumb and touch the base of the thumb with the tip of the index finger. Leave the little (pinky) finger extended as much as possible. Do the same arrangement with both hands simultaneously. Now, without disturbing the finger arrangement, place both hands on your upper thighs. Close your eyes and chant OM for better concentration. This will help you to feel your Chitta. Still, you can do this mudra with open eyes. Now, try to remove all thoughts from your mind and focus on your breaths. Time and Duration The best time to perform any mudra is from 4 am to 6 am. A fresh mind is always best for any yoga practice. In the morning time, our mind tends to be in the freshest state. Certainly, there is very little noise at this time of the day. This helps us to concentrate better and helps to relax the mind. Thus morning time is the best time to perform this mudra. If you are unable to do this exercise in the morning, still you can do it in the evening. Research says1., for the best results, we should perform a mudra for more than 20 minutes. In the case of Apana Vayu mudra, you should go for a 30-40 minute session. Still, it depends on you to do it in a single stretch of 30-40 minutes, or two-three stretches of 10-15 minutes. Precautions to Take While Performing Apana Vayu Mudra While performing this mudra, you need to take some precautions for better results. Let’s see what are they. If you pose the Kapha constitution, perform this mudra moderately. If you are wearing a watch or bracelet, remove it. Make yourself as light as possible. Don’t wear too tight or too loose clothes. This might make you uncomfortable. Try to perform it in a quiet place, to prevent disturbance and interruption. Don’t force your fingers for any action. Touch them gently and lightly. Benefits of Apana Vayu Mudra Apana Vayu Mudra has many benefits in our body, especially in cardiovascular health. Prevents Heart Disorders As mentioned earlier, Apana Vayu mudra is especially beneficial for heart disease. Here are some heart disorders that are cured by the practice of this mudra. 1. Cures Shrinking of Heart Arteries When there is an excess of air element in the body, the walls of the arteries become thick and hard (arteriosclerosis). This shrinks the heart arteries. This mudra balances the excess of the air element. As a result, the walls of the arteries become normal. Thus, this mudra helps to cure the shrinking of heart arteries. Besides, Apana Vayu mudra clears the blockage in the heart arteries. Therefore it also cures fast heartbeats, chest pain, and irregular blood pressure. It is also helpful in curing heartburn. 2. Beneficial in Reducing the Effect of Heart Attacks In the time of the heart attack, this mudra is supposed to have a quicker effect than a Sorbitrate tablet 2 (a medicine used immediately after a heart attack). In case of a heart attack, it might take you a little time to eat the Sorbitrate tablet, but one can perform this mudra within 1-2 seconds. It reduces the damages of the heart attack and allows the victim to arrive hospital safely. Research 3 says the regular practice of Apana Vayu Mudra keeps you away from heart attacks and strokes Reduces the Nervousness Many believed that the nervous system is made up of Earth and Ether elements. Apana Vayu mudra balances these elements in the body, thus, it soothes the nervous system. As a result, it reduces nervousness. Along with this, this mudra helps to relieve anxiety and negative emotions. Improves Digestion Apana Vayu mudra reduces air element in the body. This results in the improved digestive fire within the body, which improves digestion in the body. Thus, this mudra helps to improve digestion. This mudra also includes the flow of earth and ether element. These elements are responsible for detoxifying the body. Thus, the regular practice of Apana Vayu mudra also helps in detoxifying the body. Also, this mudra cures the problem of gastric, eructation and bloating, which is caused by the excess of air element in the body. Prevents Respiration-Related Problems. If you have respiration-related problems like difficulty in breathing while walking fast, running, climbing in stairs, suffocation problems, Apana Vayu mudra is like a boon for you. This mudra improves lung function, thus, helps to cure such problems. In conclusion, heart attacks and heart problems are not good signs. These signs are the result of our lifestyle and habits. These signs are an indication that you shout change your lifestyle and habits. References mudra time duration https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5934951/ Sorbitrate tablet https://www.drugs.com/mtm/sorbitrate.html Effect of yoga hand mudra on cardiac and neurological parameters in preventing heart attack http://www.isca.in/rjrs/archive/v6/i2/3.ISCA-RJRS-2017-008.pdf