How To Getup Awakened in Morning and Remain Fresh, Energized, Awakened during the Whole Day Time & To Get Sleepy Easily at Night?

To Get Awakened Fresh In Early Morning?

While getting awakened in early morning – let’s start our day by practising Jnana Hasta Mudra for a few minutes – even while being in bed and or doing meditation or while offering morning prayers.

In addition to being remained in Jnana hasta mudra – try to chant – recite “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EK DANTAM” or OM GAM GAN PATAYE NAMAH or OM LALITAM LAMBODARAM” BEEJA MANTRAS.

Jnana hasta mudra practice in addition to make us feel STRESS FREE and act WISE, this will also correct the faulty upward flow to start flowing downwards to
direct the energy flow from our HEAD to our Roota Chakra and then to our LEGS to make us feel energizedWHOLE DAY!

To Remain Active Alert During Whole Day?

After remaining in Jnana hasta mudra for 16(+-) minutes early morning – do practice Surya / Agni/Fire Mudra for 5-6 minutes in summers and 15-16 minutes in winters. But those – suffering from high bp – should practice this mudra in moderation i.e. for 2-3 minutes at one time or practice Surya-Jnana Hasta Mudra Combo and or Rudra Hasta Mudra Practice and or Chinmaya Hasta Mudra will also be good to remain Alert during the day – since this will increase the rate of metabolism n heat energy in our whole body organs to keep us active in action!

Soon after taking Lunch – We May

practice Pushan Hasta Mudra – First Variant to get the food digested well to get nourished – to get energy from the food we eat and to remain alert during the working hours!

To Get Rid of Day Time Working Tiredness & To Enjoy a Child Like Good Sleep along with To Feel Safe and secure – Practice – Pushan Hasta Mudra Second Variant – after taking Dinner along with reciting “OM Lalitam Lambodaram” beeja mantra – being in Vajrasan/Diamond pose for 15-20 minutes.

Before sleeping – practice Pran Mudra while strolling / walking around slowly for 10-15 minutes and may also keep chanting – mentally – HariOm or some other beeja mantra that you like .

While going to bed at Night – may practice a little more or as much as possible of Pran Hasta Mudra along with a combo of Vaata Naashak /Vishnu Hasta Mudra to enjoy a Child like – worry free sleep.

Feeling a difference from the day one – You will notice a see Change in your nature, attitude and your well-being within a period of just 40 days time!