ॐ लं वं रं यं हं नमः Beeja Mantras – Chanting for Wishes Manifestation to Universe?

How to Chant the Mantras? मन्त्र उच्चारण में हर शब्द में 1 से 2 सेकंड का गैप दें व शब्दों को सुनने के बजाय, शब्दों के बीच के गैप्स पर ध्यान केंद्रित करें। इस से हमारे भीतर वो मन्त्र initiated हो जायेगा। Do not bother about the initiation. Just dwell and be with the mantras.
मंत्रों को जोर से बोलने के स्थान पर, उन का मानसिक जप भी कर सकते हैं। But initially, you chant the mantras loudly so that the mind and the pranic body come to the center. Then you can chant within yourself.

Chanting is nothing but repetition of the mantra. There is no time restriction for doing that. Depending on the problem or life situation, chant as many times as possible.
Do not be fascinated by all the mantras.
Doing a Japam is totally different from normal mantra chanting. There you take only one mantra and continuously chant it. Even one minute of chanting will do.
One can chant for other person also. Usuall इच्छाओं को ब्रह्मांड में पहुचाना: Chant the Bija mantras “Om Lam Namaha, Om Vam Namaha, Om Ram Namaha, Om Yam Namaha, Om Ham Namaha”.
An intention is like Water. It is kept in the pot (Earth) – within the body. You are likely to boil (Fire) it. It gets evaporated (Air) and dissipated into the Space – universe.
Lam activates earth element, Vam activates water element, Ram activates fire element, Yam activates air element, while Ham activates space element.
Next, if the sequence of the chanting is reversed – “Om Ham Namaha, Om Yam Namaha, Om Ram Namaha, Om Vam Namaha, Om Lam Namaha”, the intention of the universe will manifest on earth.
Have an intention now.You can have any intention. Only thing is, by chanting the mantras, you are sending it to the Universe. You are surrendering your intention to it. It may manifest or it may not. Accept it.
While chanting the Bija Mantras, keep both the palms in the Hara Center.
Chant the Bija mantras “Om Lam Namaha, Om Vam Namaha, Om Ram Namaha, Om Yam Namaha, Om Ham Namaha”. You are sending it (your desire) to the universe.
Now, bring it down on earth by chanting, “Om Ham Namaha, Om Yam Namaha, Om Ram Namaha, Om Vam Namaha, Om Lam Namaha”.
Repeat doing both as many times as you can.
During the last cycle, end chanting Bija mantras after sending your desire to universe (do not chant the mantras in reverse order). Thus, you are surrendering it to the universe.
So, finish up with ascending chanting of mantras and not descending during your last cycle.

“Om Lum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Hum Namaha”
The work of the Bija Mantra is to bring the surface mind (the ego) to the Center. We live our life from the surface mind, where all our emotions and thoughts reside.
The Bija Mantras energize, cleanse, clear and balance the chakras so that all our thoughts come to centre of the mind.
It is called Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) so that you can concentrate on the subject on hand with focus and concentration or with Gyana (knowledge).
By chanting Rama mantra only, hanuman will be pleased.
Chanting of Rama increases the energy of Hanuman in you – how to talk nicely, intelligently and with the purpose.
Hanuman is the manifestation of silence. That is why his deeds are so powerful and cannot be equalled.

  • Procedure How To Chant to Heal Others?
  • Imaging Mentally – keep the person in your left palm. Keep the right palm about 18″ to 20″ away from the left hand or

To heal others put their name in a piece of paper, keep it on the left hand and chant the mantras. Preferably chant during the beginning of the day and then later before going to sleep.

  • Go on chanting the beeja mantras / switch words upto 1000 times and bring the right hand slowly steadily towards the left hand and finally when it touches the left palm, end the chanting.
  • Thank the person and say, “please go back to your place”. Thank the beeja mantra / switch words.

Example Explanation of A Switch Word:-

“CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE REACH DIVINE Model” – used for recognition of obra talent:


To release the resistance inside: CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE

To bring out the talent within: REACH DIVINE