How To Make Profession, Business – Safe, Through Pran Mudra Practice & OM Lalitam Sridharam, OM Lalitam Bhaskaram, OM Lalitam Sudarshanam Beeja-mantras Chanting

Even if someone doesn’t have a clue about Mudras but if that person is desperate to improve his business – they should do it for a week.

He is likely to report that new customers have started coming and they are giving good business to his like someone’s departmental store.

Science Behind Mudra Therapy-
This Mudra improves our connection with Mother earth and also activates the Swadhisthan / Hara Chakra.

When our connection with earth increases our life will become more stable and settled. So do this Mudra before going to sleep for at least 30 minutes a day.

The front side of the Hara Chakra (one inch below the navel) represents our physical well-being and giving attitude. The back side of the Hara Chakra represents our emotional side and receiving attitude about life.

Science Behind Vedic BeejaMantras & English SwitchWords:-

Sound produced by chanting Switch words n beejamantras, immediately vibrates with the right brain and  it’s the right brain that has to guide our lives.If there are no sounds then there is no world. Sound alone can create structure or a form based on the principle of sympathetic resonance. If you tune one tuning fork (or a crystal bowl) then tuning fork next to it will also resonate in the same frequency. So sound is important to our lives. It is the creator of the world. If there is no sound then there is no world.

Effect of Sounds on us by pronouncing the Switch Words & Bija Mantras

Our ancestors have found out that our Chakras – the energy centres or wheels of energy are responsive to specific sounds called as Switch Words / Bija mantras. SW / Bija means seed. It can influence the DNA of the matter inside us. When all the chakras open up harmoniously, things will happen for us automatically – with least of our efforts.

Switchwords use is found to increase ones energy, unleash creativity, help one find lost objects, deepen our connection to other, promote wealth, attract others to you, and increase our confidence.

Use them to promote your business by increasing your client base, help you lose weight by making you motivated, deepen your understanding, and even relieve constipation. There’s no end to their usefulness.

“LALITHAM SRIDHARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM, LALITHAM SUDARSHANAM” mantra will give you light and source of good income.
Lalitham (Tam:This beej mantra is for getting rid of disease, worry, fear and illusions)– The Universal Divine Mother- who is so compassionate, that she will forgive all my past. Forgiving all the past she allows Sridharam (wealth), to bring money from Baskaram – the provider of wealth, and activates Sudarshnam, to continue the flow of money (after the debts are paid-off).Bow down to the (Lalitham) Mother in reverence and chant the mantra. “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM SUDHARSHANAM”
Whenever you need money, Lalitham Sridharam will get you the money. Lalitham Bhaskaram will correct your spending habits – balancing expenditure and income.
Your karma decides how much money you can hold onto?
What Sudharshanam will do?
Everybody’s karma will decide how much they can hold on to, based on the money vessel they bring during their birth. Whatever you do, only to that extent you will earn money.
Only one person knows how to increase the size of your money vessel – he is Sudharshanam.
Let us say you have a small tumbler. However, you insist you want a big bowl of milk. How can the tumbler hold a bowl of milk?
However, Sridharam will increase your receiving capacity.And when you chant this powerful mantra, chant it with all the trust in divine, without expecting anything in return.
Beeja Mantras in Lalitham: LA and LI in Lalitham activate the Basic chakra, while RUM in Sridharam activates the Solar Plexus chakra.
Lalitham: LA & LI are Bija mantras. Lalitham means energy to remove old karmas. As chanted in Lalitha Sahsaranamam, माँ ललितंबिकै can burn away all the previous karmas. Only a most compassionate Universal Mother can burn the karmas.
What is required inside us to burn our karmas?
We need compassion to burn our karmas. Lalitham means most compassionate mother and the compassion has made her as the most beautiful mother. If we chant Lalitham, our capacity to love others will increase. When the heart is bubbling with love by chanting Lalitham, we can also become as beautiful as Lalitham.
Meaning of Sridharam: Sridharam means Vishnu and Vishnu is sought by Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth. It will fetch us abundance of money, happiness and comforts.
It’s not enough to chant only Sridharam. Lalitham is required to burn away all our karmas first. Sridharam then opens our eyes to abundance.
Dham will get comforts
For any Basic Chakra related problems – like back pain for example, chanting Lalitham Sridharam helps.

SriSri Art of living Version of Pran Mudra: Prana Mudra: Rejuvenate your life force in the easiest and most powerful way Lord Shiva, in his Adinatha avatar, gave a description of different yogic principles and the benefits we could acquire from them. In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the ancient Hindu texts of yoga, Lord Adinatha mentions that the practice of different mudras gives the seeker eight forms of divine wealth, can delay old age, and even defeat death. These mudras are revered by all the skilled seekers (siddhas) and were kept secret for a long time. Out of these mudras, the Yoga Mudras were named so not because of their association with the physical act of doing yoga. But, these mudras followed the principles of Yoga Sutras in their entirety and could give all-round benefits to anyone performing them. One of the most prominent ones out of all the Yoga Mudras is the Prana Mudra. Prana in Hindi is defined as life. But, in Sanskrit, it is the name given to the life consciousness residing in our body. According to Hatha Yoga, the five energies necessary for the balance of life are apana, vyana, aamana, udana, and prana. Out of these, prana holds the most importance and by the simple practice of Pran Mudra, you can easily activate and charge-up the life force inside you. How to do Prana Mudra? The mudras involve simple linking of the energy points in our body. In the case of Pran Mudra, the practice involves just three fingers – thumb, little finger, and the ring finger. It isn’t commonly known that our fingers represent the five elements with which this creation is formed. Out of the five, our thumb represents agni (fire), little finger represents jala (water), and the ring finger represents prithvi (earth). The imbalance of these three elements creates an imbalance of Vata Dosha in our body. And, regular practice of Prana Mudra is seen to remove the Vata Dosha imbalance and its effects that you have been experiencing. The Pran Mudra is quite simple to do. Just join the tips of the little finger, ring finger, and the thumb together, with the other two fingers relaxed and positioned away from the join. While practicing the Mudra, you should sit in a comfortable position in a relaxed corner of your house. Rest both the hands on your knees and then fold the fingers into the Mudra. While practicing it, give slight attention to your breathing patterns and allow the soothing effects of refreshed energy to calm your body and mind. What is the best time to do Prana Mudra? One of the best things about the mudras is that they can be performed anywhere, and anytime. Whether you are at home, taking a break in the office, or even traveling. However, there are measures you can take to enhance the experience of your Mudra practice. The best time to do Pran Mudra is in the morning, on an empty stomach. If you are doing it at any time of the day then make sure you are doing it after an hour of eating food. Practicing Prana Mudra can be a relaxing experience. However, the energizing aspect of it works even better if your mind is already calm. Therefore, doing meditation and then following it with Prana Mudra practice will give the best results. You can find a list of guided meditations by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar here, which can be followed by your Pran Mudra practice. If you don’t have the time to meditate, then take a few long deep breaths before starting the mudra to calm your body and mind. The Prana Mudra should be done three times a day, for 10 minutes in a single session. If you cannot manage multiple attempts, then a single session of 20-30 minutes can also be done. While practicing the Pran Mudra, you can couple it with any chants that you feel are easy and relaxing. Whether it is Om chant, Om Namaha Shivaya Chant, Rama Chant, or any other you feel inclined to do. There is no specific asana mentioned for Mudra practice. You can do it in sukhasana, vajrasana, or even padmasana. The success of the mudra practice depends on two factors – the calmness of your mind and the relaxation of the breathing patterns. This is why practicing it after meditating will give the best results. Benefits of Prana Mudra practice The three elements associated with the Pran Mudra are also connected with the base of our spine. In terms of Chakras, Pran Mudra directly affects the Muladhara (Base Chakra or Root Chakra). It activates the base chakra, generating heat and energy in the body. Because of the nature of the chakra, Prana Mudra practice has many benefits associated with it. We will cover the specific benefits to the body first and then list out other common positives experienced after practicing this mudra. 1. Helps in healing Our scriptures say that the first symptom of our body being afflicted by a disease is that our energy, or prana levels, start going low. This is a symptom, and sometimes the cause, of lowered immunity which invites disease into the body. Practicing Prana Mudra increases the Prana in our body, thereby enabling it to automatically heal itself. So, anytime you feel your energy lowering, just practice this for some time and you’ll feel the prana jump right back up. Moreover, with the regular and proper practice of the Mudra, you’ll feel more profound changes in your body, letting it get rid of any other ailments that you may have had. Some of the ailments that Pran Mudra can help in healing include: High blood pressure, joints instability, ulcers Heightened sensitivity and burning in stomach and throat Skin rashes, aging skin, acidity Mental tension and fatigue Impatience, irritability, increased frustration. All these issues of the mind and body can find relief with the practice of Prana Mudra. You can comfortably move from disease to energy, relaxation, and a renewed sense of calmness and purpose by practicing this easy Mudra. 2. Eye Benefits Practitioners of Prana Mudra have reported that their eyesight problems got reduced and sometimes even cured because of the regular practice. You can also reduce the number of your spectacles and have a clearer vision by continuously practicing this mudra. Those with weak eyesight wanting to see good results should do this Mudra for at least 15-20 minutes every day. This practice should continue even after the benefits desired by the mudra have been achieved. 3. Some of the other general benefits of Prana Mudra are: Our body experiences cramps and leg pain because there is blood accumulated in those areas which restrict proper flow. Practicing this mudra removes the impurities in the blood, enhancing the flow and richness of it and bringing excellent healing benefits. Pran Mudra can greatly improve your body’s immune system and it also stabilizes your mind. Many times, some psychosomatic issues like impatience, irritability, weakness, and mental fatigue bring problems in the physical body as well. Prana Mudra turns these issues into positivity, enthusiasm, delight, joy, and happiness. This mudra’s relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the mind improves your awareness, focus, and productivity, thus helping you perform better in any task you take up. The relaxation effect of the mudra decreases nervousness and helps improve one’s confidence. Pran Mudra also brings more balance and stability to the mind, thereby curing any sleeping or eating disorders you may have been afflicted with. Practicing this mudra also reduces, and sometimes removes, any deficiencies caused by a lack of essential vitamins (A-K).