What a Finger Represents and the Corresponding Effect of Touching The Fingers With Fire Element Significator – THUMB & Putting Wrists on Knees in Meditative Pose – that gives rise to – Gupt Nadi (गुप्त नाड़ी लाभ)

Do we know that thr Thumb is associated with Super Consciousness will and rationality,

while the index finger correlates with Self Consciousness and wisdom,

the middle finger with patience and balance,

the ring finger with health, and the

little finger with creativity

When some finger touches the thumb, a circuit is produced which allows the energy that would normally dissipate to travel back into the body and up to the brain. When the wrists are placed on the knees, they create another circuit that maintains and redirects prana (life force or energy) within the body. Placing the hands on the knees stimulates a nadi (energy channel) which runs from the knees, up the inside of the thighs and into the perineum. This nadi is known as gupta or the hidden nadi. This helps channelise the energies to the root chakra located at the perineum. The mudra has also shown to increase levels of receptivity and lightness in the practitioner.