Curing Kidney Through Surya, Apan, Jal, Kidney and Akash Mudras

Apan Mudra

How To:- Place the little and ring fingers on the root pad base of the thumbs with both the hands and keep these two fingers pressed under thumbs for 16+ daily for two times daily!

Benefits:- Kidney Mudra is sn excellent mudra with the following multiple benefits:-

  • Treats Kidney related problems.
  • Treats Edema ( water-retention ).
  • Treats Hyperacidity and loose motion.
  • Helps with phlegm in the Throat and Lungs.
  • Pacifies Throat pain.
  • Controls watery eyes, running nose and excessive salivation, excessive urination.
  • Helps with Dropsy, Elephantitis, Ascitis, and Menses.
  • Discontinue this Mudra once the ailment is cured.
Akash Mudra