Curing Hypertension/ High BP & Heart

The use of the following four hasta mudras are generally made to control the high blood pressure:-

  1. Gyan Hasta Mudra as seen in the pic 1 – which is a stress buster – one of the chief causes of high bp,

2.) Vyan Hasta Mudra as seen in pic 2 – a combo of Air and Space elements or a combo of Gyan and Akash Hasta mudras is responsible to distribute oxygen in our body to regulate our nervous system and to keep in check all kinds of excessiveness including excess or high bp – and this is also very important to be seen that the Gyan and Akash – the two parts of the Vyan Hasta Mudra are Peace giving- Stress Buster and Detoxifying – bp regulator respectively!

3. Apan Vayu or Heart Mudra or Sanjeevani hasta mudra which is a combo of Vayu and Apan Mudras as seen in pic 3. Here the use of Vayu mudra- a natural body organs stiffness, congestion & pains remover, keeps the high blood pressure causing – excessive flow of wind in the arteries under check by decreasing the excess of air and Apan mudra again a combo of Akash and Prithvi mudras- a natural detoxifyng due to the application of Akash Tatva and, ensures the free flow of the Pranic Vayu by getting sufficient space by the application of akash mudra, making the unwanted body toxinx and mental burdon out of body and mind to give peace and the Prithvi mudra makes our heart components healthy as body organs including heart and arteries strengthener – the Earth Element forming Prithvi mudra, also plays its important role as a part of Apan and Apan Vayu Mudra!

4. Last though not least, the use of Pran Mudra does the roll of a body immuniser to heal and protect us from all kinds of the Psycho and Physical ailments! That is why – Pran Mudra is a really known as a Finishing Hasta Mudra as it makes us Safe and Secure!

How To: As per ones convenience, Gyan mudra may be practiced with prayers in morning and or evening. Heart Mudra may be best practiced immediately after taking meals for 16 minutes. Vyan Hasta mudra may also be practiced in day as it help spreading sufficient oxygen to our body organs and makes us move to attend our day to day business with ease and comforts – and that’s why- Vyan is also rightly known as Movement Mudra! In the evening, Pran Mudra practice removes all the day long tiredness. A little before sleeping, the simultaneously practice of Gyan mudra in one hand and Pran mudra in other hand say in right hand for 10-15 minutes and then exchanging the position of hands and these two mudras – ensures better sleeping at night!

Gyan Mudra gives inner peace and self contentment to fight stress and high bp
Vyan Hasta Mudra – A Combo of Gyan & Akash Mudras and both of these are very very helpful to cure high bp and heart – even if practiced separately!
16+ Minutes, Twice a day practice of Apan Vayu or Heart Hasta Mudra – a combo of Vayu and Apan Mudras is indeed a best high bp & heart stabilising mudra. Do practice 16 Minutes- Pran mudra after this!
Pran Mudra – a combo of Water Element Varun or Jal Mudra and Earth Element Prithvi Mudra – balances our Root and Hara or Sacral Chakras – giving full physical immunity and to control almost all the diseases!