Curing Lower Back Pain Through Mudras & Beeja-mantras

The following beejamantras & hasta mudras like Gyan Mudra, Meru Dand Mudra, Pran Mudras are found extremely beneficial to treat the back pain:-

Curing Lower Back Pain, Chant continuously the mantra, “Vallabham Gajaananam Eka Dantam” as much as possible. Soon after one could get up from bed and start their normal work at home.

Thus, this Vallabam mantra works very effectively on lower back pain as well as in the root chakra. It’s good for getting a good and secured job too.

Use of Hasta Mudras:-

Bacback mudra is practiced to relieve back pain.

How To:- Different Mudras are done in the left and right hands! In the hand, tips of the thumb, middle and little fingers touch each other while the index and ring fingers are kept straight! In the left hand, the thumb joint rests on the nail of the forefinger, while the other three fingers remain extended.

Practicing this mudra is thought to balance the energies in the body.