Cure Vata Dosha Diseases like Bodily Pains, Cramps, Cracked & Dry Skin With Vaayu- Shunya (Vata Naashaka / Shaamaka / Vishnu Hasta Mudra) & Varuna Hasta Mudra Combo

The diseases like Bodily Pains, Joint Pain, Cramps, Cracked and Dry Skin are caused by aggregated and excessive air or so called Vata Dosha and deficiency/imbalance of water in the cells of the organs!

In the practice of Vata Naashaka and Varun Hasta Mudra Combo – Vaata Mudra will help to decrease the excess or stagnant air that causes pains and discomforts in body organs and mental anxiety n overflow of thoughts, whereas the practice of Varuna Mudra will help the body organs to become properly hydrated & lubricated to remove dryness which was caused by the excess of dry Air.

Vata Shamak on one hand will balance the flow of air in the body by removing the excess of dry wind from the body and Varuna Hasta Mudra on the other hand will make the balanced air becoming well lubricated so as to remove the friction that causes pains!

The acute pains n anxiety causing sleeplessness will get subdued within a practice of 20-30 minutes and the chronic pains and dry/cracked skin will get healed with in a few days practice of 20-30 minutes – twice a day and better if followed with the simultaneously practice of Jnana & Prana Hasta Mudras by doing pran mudra with right hand and jnana mudra in left hand for 16 minutes and then with prana mudra with left hand and jnana mudra with right hand for 16 minutes before sleeping! This will help to balance and increase our Mental and Physical Immune System so that we will be becoming less prone to falling sick.