Constipation Gas Removal Mudra & Mantra

Early morning, chant the following mantra for 15;20 minutes, if having constipation:-

Om Hraum (HROWM) Namaha

ॐ ह्रौं नमः

A Case Study:;

NAMAHA”. (HRAUM is pronounced as Hrowm)

On the first day, I chanted for 10 minutes in the morning. I noticed some improvement. On subsequent days, without any problem I pass motion.

Every day in the morning I chant for 15 minutes and I have no regression whatsoever.

Explanation:- This mantra heals:- Constipation and Gas problems, and takes care of Large intestine, which eliminates wastage elements.

Note 1:- For motion, also practice Gyan mudra as it corrects the Apan Vayu – i.e. to move the food residual easily out of body from Large Intestine n Rectum.

Note 2:- For proper digestion along with this mudra, later in day, may do Mushti, Apan, Apan Vayu and or Pushan Mudras after meals and chant Rum Bum Lum Dum for better Digestion as Indigestion is toot cause of Constipation.

Apan Hasta Mudra


अपानवायु, अपानमुद्रा
कफ:– लिंग, सूर्य मुद्रा

कब्ज- अपानमुद्रा
Constipation & Gas:-
Apaan Vayu Mudra
अपान वायु मुद्रा

4 Mudras for indigestion:-
Surya mudra, Varun mudra, Pitta-karaak mudra and Linga mudra are the best mudras to come over indigestion. पाचन:-
पृथ्वी सूर्य लिंग
सहज संख हस्त मुद्रा -This Mudra should be practiced in Vajraasan or Sukhaasan for 10 minutes. One can also do this Mudra along with Moolbandh (Contraction of Anal Muscle) or with Pranayam[9] to get more benefits.

Moolbandh: In this Mudra[7] one has to pull his Anal Muscles inside with full force and stay in this position till he can do it. With regular practice of Moolbandh, we can make anal muscles and sexual organs stronger and healthier. Procedure: This is another type of Shankh Mudra. This Mudra can be formed by simply trapping all the fingers of both the hands with each other and placing both the thumbs close to each other.
This Mudra makes our immune system stronger.

This Mudra increases our blood circulation.

This cure all ailments related to voice or speech i.e. Stammering, Stuttering, etc.

Singers can make their voice sweet by practicing this Mudra.

This improves digestion system. If one practice this after intake of food in Vajraasan it helps in digesting the food. It also helps to cure Gas problem.

This Mudra helps us to practice Brahmacharya[3].

This also helps in strengthening Anal muscles. With regular practice of Moolbandh even aged person can look like a youth person.