Balancing Root Chakra (मूलाधार चक्र) for getting Stability & To be Safe & Secure through VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKDANTAM BeejaMantra & Jnana, Apan, Prithvi & Pran Mudras

Chant preferably:-

वल्लभं गजाननं एकदन्तं Vallabham Gajananam Ekadantam and or

Om Gam Ganpatye Namah.

VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKDANTAM – is a very powerful mantra invoking the elephant-shaped God Ganapati (Ganesha).


Vallabham=beloved Lord

Gajananam=elephant-shaped Lord

Ekadantam=single-tusked (denotes single-minded focus or goal-orientation)


(Lord Ganesha being Diety of Roota Chakra – it is but natural that though this mantra – works specially on root chakra, yet it helps in activation & well balancing of all chakras too and makes life safe and secure)
Naranji’s this mantra incoporates the following most beneficial Beejsmantras:-  “RUM BUM LUM DUM & VUM”.

रं RUM for digestion, absorption and assimilation. बं BUM for elimination and to give the effect of comfort . लं LUM for strength and activation of Roots/ Basic / Mooladhar Chakra, दं Dam (comfort) and वं Vum for activation of Sacral /Hara /Sex / Swadhisthan Chakra bija mantras in this mantra), BAM (in Vallabam) gives the effect of comfort

This Ganesh Mantra help us to stand on our own legs & To turn all around cooperative / helpful!

What is the specialty of this mantra?

It activates all the Chakras.

When you look at Ganesha, the right-side tusk is broken. In the female elephant, there is no tusk. Only male elephant has a tusk.

Since ShreeGaneshJi represents both male and female energy – This mantra is for stability in one’s Married Life and also in The General walk of one’s life. This mantra also helps in the Timely disposal of all the Activities, Duties n Responsiblities. Right kind of the Wishes too get timely fulfilled by the Japam of this beejamantra.

A special mantra for those, especially for women who are having problems in their married life or to their worst, say they have been fighting the divorce cases, or when they fight for getting money. Numbers of women do not divorce because they are financially dependent on their husband.

Every time, womens ask their husbands for money – they are refused and or might get insulted too!

If those women chant this mantra with devotion for a month or so for as much time as possible to their convenience and time available, then their husbands could automatically become considerate enough including providing necessary respect and funds to them.

How will I sustain if my husband is not there?

This question will be there in the mind of most of the women. This mantra will be helpful in those situations.

It will help you to stand on your own legs.

The benefits:-

1. Works on root chakra and makes life safe and secure. Makes one strong, stable, patient and lead a life of comfort.

2. By chanting it continuously, one can get a job or get married easily and for attracting a suitable life partner. OM Lalitam SadaShivam OM Lalitam ChandraSekhram too may be followed for getting Harmony and Peace in one’s life and also for having better understanding with anyone you meet in your personal and or in professional life.

3. Relieves back pain and hip pain. If you chant regularly, your back will become solid and strengthened.

4. You can enhance the spine healing effect by dong the Meru Mudra while chanting this mantra.

5. Heals skin problems.

6. You will find plenty of time to do any work.

7. Makes a person value time.

8. Opens up divine time. When the expression is “Time has not come for me to get ….” , then chant this mantra. When waiting for result of job interview chant this mantra.

9. Drives out fear.

10. When we are impatient, this mantra gives patience.

11. Chanting this will help you to find your aim of your life. You want to come out of your monotonous life routines and find your goal of life. You need to be goal oriented. That is taken care of by Ekadantam.

12. For mental strength and will power chant this mantra.

13. Use this mantra to tackle manipulative persons – being in Jnana Hasta Mudra – gives additional benefits.

14. Changes a person’s stubborn nature to flexibility. Hare Ram Hare Krishn MahaMantra may also be followed.

15)  Children. those who do not know the value of time, chanting this mantra will make them to understand the importance of time.
To settle down in a job or house this mantra can help.
However, we have to chant from the heart. The effect it produces is enormous

Anonymous Third Party Experiences:

One gentleman mentioned:- When I chant this mantra:

  1. I manage to do work within time available.
  2. Feel relaxed.
  3. I lost weight.
  4. People around turn helpful.

Some others’ experiences:

  1. Gives quick results even in a crisis situation.
  2. Time seems to stand still and we get enough time to do what we want to do.
  3. “I wrote this mantra and put it under the sleeping bed. It has taken care of my health, my husband’s health immensely.”
  4. Got better job
  5. Got promotion
  6. Got salary hike
  7. After few months of chanting, saw improvement of skin tone and hair. Body language changed, looked better.
  8. Met the right person and got married
  9. Got rid of lower back pain and could get up and do work. (another example of not wasting time)

2.ॐ गं गणपतये नमः OM Gum Ganpataye Namah:

Why om gam ganapataye namaha is a mantra worth repeating?
If you only know mantra, make Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha toget a hearty dose of empowering, balancing, positivity—the pursuit of which leads one to “om gam ganapataye namaha.” It’s a mantra one may have blindly repeated on the yoga mat without even knowing it. And with its aims to remove obstacles, negativity and fear, while ushering in new beginnings, perhaps you’d be wise to learn about it, too, so you can speak it with intention the next time you roll out your mat for a flow.

Some background: Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu God who is worshipped for his knowledge and wisdom. He’s a guardian of doors and temples, but most importantly, he’s known as the “breaker of obstacles.” Therefore, om gam ganapataye namaha is a kind of prayer or appeal to Ganesha.
This mantra is related to replenishing our root chakra, and Ganesha is said to govern the root chakra.

To analyse:- “OM” is that traditional meditative primordial sound that means “wake up.” “Gam” is the sound of Ganesha. “Ganapataye” is another word for Ganesha. And “nahama” means “I offer my salutations and bow to you.” So one full translation of om gam ganapataye namaha is more or less, “salutations to the remover of obstacles.”
We all need the energy to open the root chakra and go forth with our life fearlessly.” The root chakra is, after all, pretty all-important as our first chakra (or your red chakra). It’s the center of stability, appropriately located around the base of our spine and pelvic floor, so it makes sense that it’s associated with being an earth element and our body’s base. As such, it focuses on our basic needs: shelter, safety, food, and water. And emotionally, it involves your ability to let go and feel secure. On a mental and emotional level, a blockage in the root chakra can lead to fear, anxiety, and nightmares.
The root chakra is all about stability, and if the base isn’t stable, everything else is going to start to waver. By chanting – OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha, we’re asking Ganesha to help us out—we have lives to lead and stability can’t be an issue. He then asks us to connect to the Earth, to connect to our bodies, and to really ground ourselves. By repeating the mantra, we’re making room for the following benefits to come our way.

“Om Gam Ganapataye namaha,” – benefits to repeating it?

To start, the mantra should help silence the anxious thoughts that might be swirling around our head. Simply taking the time to clear our mind and replace it with this mantra can be transportive to a safer mental space. By the time we’ve wrapped up our repetitions, the hope is that we’ll be ready to tackle whatever’s in front of us.
Also, appealing to the root chakra means choosing to align our bodies—and that should promote physical health by bringing better blood circulation and metabolism.
And given that Ganesha is a guardian of Doors, he’s a wise guy to dial up if you’re opening a new one. Perhaps you’re about to start a new job or are signing an important business contract. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha is a good go-to mantra, because it blesses new beginnings, and assuages the fears associated with an unfamiliar situation.
The OM Gam Ganapataye namaha is a great mantra when it comes to grounding ourself. Sure, spirituality isn’t for everyone, but becoming the most mindful, balanced version of ourself requires doing some of the legwork. This Mantra is effective for clearing our mind and being present—this  definitely promotes a can-do attitude. So start with this chant.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha: How To Use This Ganesh Mantra To Remove Obstacles (By Gigi Yogini Registered Yoga Teacher) The powerful mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” is used to inspire transformation. With roots in Hinduism, it is thought to call upon the energy of Ganesh (also referred to as Ganapataye)—the elephant-headed deity who is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and lord of beginnings. What does Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha mean? Let’s break down what each part of this mantra represents: Om: Om, or aum, is the sound that represents the birth of the universe and the connection between all living beings. Gam: Gam is the sound of the root chakra and it’s thought to awaken energy at the base of the spine. According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesh resides in the first chakra, the root chakra, or Muladhara. Mula means “original,” and adhara means “foundation,” so the Muladhara chakra forms the root that supports our energy and action. Ganapataye: Another name for Ganesh, the deity who removes obstacles. Namaha: A salutation, similar to namaste. Why do we chant it? When you add these parts together, this mantra loosely translates to, “Let’s wake up root chakra energy of transformation so we can move through obstacles with ease.” Chanting it represents a willingness to push past perceived blocks and go through life with determination and a strong sense of self. It’s easy to make excuses about why we can’t achieve our dreams, but we have an easier time succeeding when we focus on our goals rather than our challenges. Saying this mantra is a way to do just that. Chant it rhythmically before or after a yoga class, during meditation with mala beads, or just when you’re driving in your car to align yourself with the energy of action. It’s easy and uplifting, with the potential for great results.


ॐ ललितं लम्बोदरं


Tackles Financial Obstacles in life: LALITHAM LAMBODARAM,






Apan Mudra






Prana mudra activates the root chakra (muladhara) for an optimum mind-body health. Chakras are the centers in the body through which the prana (life energy) flows. In simple words, the chakras can be considered as small, spinning fans that send and receive energy. There are Shatchakras षट्चक्र (or say 7 chakras) in the human body. For optimum mind-body health, energy should flow through these chakras un-interruptedly. Blocked/ imbalanced chakras would bring physical as well as mental illness and disorders.

Seven chakras and Prana mudra

Root charka, also known as muladhara, is located at the base of the spine- it deals with the survival instinct of life and it is blocked by various kinds of fears. It is the most influential chakra and lays the foundation for other chakras of the body. A person with blocked/ imbalanced root chakra would display one or more of the below symptoms:

Short tempered, aggressive behavior
Poor decision making
Low self confidence
On the physical level, the blocked root chakra may cause below symptoms:

Back pain
Weight issues
A person with toned root chakra would be confident having a positive outlook towards life. He/she would have faith in self and people around and would enjoy a healthy relationship with family and friends.

Health benefits of Prana mudra
Mental health
Regular practice of prana mudra helps to overcome the feeling of insecurity, nervousness, anxiety and low self confidence and makes a person bold with inner stability and clarity of thoughts. It makes a person courageous and self confident enough to face day to day challenges of the life.

Physical health
It is very effective for all sorts of health problems related to low energy levels- fatigue, low immunity, poor body metabolism, sluggish digestive system and nutritional (vitamin) deficiency. It improves the blood circulation to eradicate various health issues- muscle pain, skin rashes, eye disorders, headache and migraine.

Spiritual health
Regular practice of prana mudra improves concentration and creates vibrations in the body. Hence, if you practice prana mudra during meditation, it helps to take you into deeper meditation experience.

Social health
A person practicing Prana mudra regularly would develop a healthy appetite for all the small and large adventures of life. He/she would enjoy an active social life and embrace various changes in the life with great pleasure and joy.

Quality of Earth:

Earth is the only element linked to all five senses of taste, sound, touch, smell and sight, and thus exerts the maximum influence on us. The Earth element gives rise to practicality, firm nature, methodical approach and adaptability.

Tact and prudence are indicative of a balanced earth element while obstinate and proud nature are the result of excess earth element. Earth is a big magnet having North and South poles.

Throat, intestines and knees are affected by the Earth element. The Earth element means the magnetic field of the globe. It’s main characteristics are shabda (sound), sparsha (touch) roopa (form), rasa (taste) and guna (quality).