Chakra Awakening Through HARI OM हरि ॐ beejamantra

Yogapedia explains “Hari Om-हरि ॐ” :-

Repetition of Hari Om forms a type of meditation in itself, referred to simply as Hari Om meditation. To meditate on Hari Om is said to activate the chakras. In doing so, kundalini energy, which is stored at the base of the spine, can move upward through the nadis. Hari Om meditation also allows prana to move from one energy center to the next.

Some say that the Hari Om mantra is a shortened version of the mantra, Hari Om Tat Sat. Om Tat Sat can be considered as three words for God, and translated as “Supreme Absolute Truth” or “all that is.” Hari prefaces this mantra as it is the name of God in the physical form. This is said to allow the speaker of the mantra to explore the sat, or the truth, from their physical form.

Hari Om meditation is reputed to be particularly helpful for those suffering from depression as it improves the mental condition, finding happiness through one’s connection with the universal energy.

Note:- During These Times of Stress and Uncertainty our Chakras Might Get Blocked.

Hastamudras practice along with Chanting/Singing “HARI OM हरि ॐ” beejamantra vibrations can wake up our intuitive bodies and chakras like this:-

“H” in Hari – beejmantra “Hum” – activates the Throat Chakra. The throat chakra is actually where we – manifest from (प्रकट होना) i.e. where from – all other Chakras activation & balancing is done! Throat chakra is about our WILL, our ability to reach out (with our hands) for what we want.
Thus we see that our throat chakra is the key! And the way to activate the throat chakra is to sing. And beautiful holy mantras like Hari Om will activate our throat chakra like nothing else!

And in the activation of Solar Plexus Chakra by signing “Ri”- involves the Rum beejamantra, which makes the native – Capable of doing, solving the Hard to Hard Tasks.

Singing – “OM” – our Third Eye / Command Chakra get balanced.

OM” mantra is also supreme because it attends to all the mantras. It also helps to dissolve what holds us back; our guilt and shame and fears and doubts of past.

Balanced chakras do the following:

  • Produces happiness
  • Stops depression
  • Stops anxiety
  • Boosts overall health
  • Makes you more creative and more productive.

Sitting in any Sukhasan with practicing Gyan/Jnana Hasta Mudra & Chanting HARI OM with long deep breathing creates a powerful, uplifting vibration that awakens the natural energy in the body. Harih (Hari) is another name for the Cosmic Consciousness. It literally means “the One that removes all the obstacles and purifies – as “Ha” means –  our Sufferings, where as “Ree’ means – the remover and hence HARI means – one who removes ones Sufferings.

Or we may Meditate with Chanting Hari Om – while being in Gyan hasta mudra for 20+minutes (preferably 48 minutes) once or twice a day or even more for 40 days to note a positive response:-

Gyan hasta mudra: – Join tips of Thumb(Fire) & Index Finger (Vayu-Air) of both the hands.


Science Behind Chakras Activation by Chanting Scared Holy Beejamantra : “HARI OM”:-

Hari Om beej amantes removes all kinds of human suffering as this mantra contains within itself the cosmic vibration By chanting Hari Om – our prana moves from the energy stored at the base of the spine, which is known as Kundalini. Hari Om jap helps us in activating these chakras. ‘Hari Om’ is found to be a very very powerful mantra for health and healing. ‘Hari’ means ‘the remover’ and ‘Om’ is the primordial cosmic vibration from which the entire cosmos has sprung. Calling ‘Hari’, the divinity, is said to remove pain and suffering, ease bad astrological effects, remove sins and bad karma while chanting the ‘Om’ mantra has numerous psychological and health benefits. Continued remembering the combination of Hari & Om beejamantras, helps us in the upward movement of prana or the life force energy through the chakras along the spine. The result is a transformation of emotions and a surge in positivity and the inertia, a negative manifestation of the energy centre at the base of our spine can be turned into the positive manifestation of enthusiasm.

Significance of Each syllable of “HARI OM” Beejamantra can be described as under.

  • The Fire contained in the syllable “Rum रं” in “Ri” ignites Solar Plexus Chakra lying at abdomen. The flames produced by this stomach fire goes up naturally – and so goes upward the Pran Shakti i.e. Sushumna to Heart Chakra and even above,
  • By singing “Ha” – Hum (हं) Brings the sound up to the throat.
  • Third Eye / Command Chakra get balanced by singing OM ॐ. Here as soon as the “O” sound is made, the energy flows upward further to the third eye chakra, vibrating the head.
  • The “M” sound – which directly activates Right Brain too is prolonged to give a beautiful, string humming vibration that flows up to the crown of the head, and then higher still.

By concentrating on this inner vibration we become tuned to the cosmic sound. We will feel peaceful and blissful because we are going to the very source of your true nature.

Science of knowing to how to relieve from past bad karma by chanting HARI OM हरि ॐ beejamantra along with Practicing Hara or Pushan Mudra 2nd Variant ?

All the previously learned ill memories stored in the Hara Chakra can be washed out with the help of this mudra

Karma can be nullified but….

When you look back at your life, you repeat so many things. We know very well that we have to shed our ego for harmony. But we never do that.

We want to shed out so many negative qualities which we are not able to do. We repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Assess yourself well. When you assess, you will find that you have repeated the same actions number of times. It happens because of the Karma Vasana.

Memory of the Karma will make you do them again.

We act only by memory. The memory bank in all of us is so enormous that it contains the history of your own past and entire past lives of yours. You still carry it.

Even the brain and neurons are very small; they have the capacity to carry this life’s past and past life events; not only your past lives but also your parent’s and ancestors past lives.

How can we deviate from the past?
We always repeat the same things and we do not know how to come out of it.

How our brain operates? Suddenly you get angry. The brain within a split of second has got the data of all your histories of anger. It immediately flashes in your brain. So many data are available.

An event happens. You involuntarily react. After the reaction, you feel that you shouldn’t have reacted in that manner.

What is the split second? Within the split second, it brings forth all the data of your anger, fear etc. This particular event resembles that event in the past. At that you got angry and you get angry now.

In the light of above, it is not an exragation, if we treat our selves as a Robot
It means that we are nothing but a robot, since we seem to be acting only from a memory.

Hari Om is the only mantra which can erase the Karma Vasana or memory. Till your death, you must chant this mantra. At least a part of the memory will be erased.

How to sing Hari Om beejamantra?
We should go on signing “Hari Om हरि ॐ” mantra till we are not able to breathe. Continuously chant and increase the breathing to in between 8 to 4 a minute. Chant Hari Om silently while breathing in and – Hari in short, while chant – “OOOO…..” and “M’ in the last is more or less like unsung (Chant O ओ three times more than M)!

When you are not able to breathe, wait for some time, regain your breath and then chant again.

Merge with mantra and become the mantra. Then the unconscious or the inner conscious mind will start chanting.

It is not you who chant. When you lose the breath or chant along with your breath, it is your inner self or inner self which gets activated, takes up the chanting and starts chanting.

Do the chanting and forget yourself totally. Merge with the mantra. Become the mantra. (i.e.) there is no duality. Who is chanting & who is chanted – there is no duality.

Finally, the inner soul gets awakened and starts chanting. At that time, all your memories will get nullified.

Please note that – practicing Hara Mudra / Pushan mudra version 2, will help in elimination of our past memories, that are not found doing worth or good!