Chinmaya Hast -Hasta Mudra – ( चिनमय हस्त मुद्रा ) for Improving Decision making & Balancing – Samaan Vayu for a better Digestion!

Adressing Media in Chinmaya Mudra
  • Chinmaya Mudra helps to take – Ego, Emotion & Feelings free best Decision since touching of Index Finger with Thumb will produce induced thoughts with higher perspective, whereas the rest of the Middle (Akash Being Tallest is Ego Giving), Ring (Emotions) and Pinky Fingers (Feelings and Desires) being put to rest in the Thumb Padroot are unable to add Ego, Emotions & Feelings to the Thought giving Index Finger!
    When the other fingers are placed at the base of the thumb, the opinion of thoughts will be devoid of emotions & ego. That’s why – many TOP Leaders are oftenly seen doing Press Conference in Chinmaya Mudra!
  • AccuPressure Points involved in Chinmay Hasta Mudra:- In addition to activation of Brain & Pituterty points by the mild and gentle presure put by joining the tops of Thumb & Index Fingers, the Middle Finger pressure being put on palms helps in Kidney Activation, Ring Finger in activation of Pancreas gland for keep curing and controlling Sugar & Diabetes, and Little Fingers presume on Left palm activates Heart Point and Right side Little Finger presure activates the Liver point.
  • The whole process helps in better Digestion too similar to Saman hasta mudra effect.

Mantra for Better Decision Making:-

SHIVOHUM improves your decision-making based on divine guidance.

As a Digestive Mudra:- Chinmaya Mudra increases and balances the SAMANA Vayu. That is, it is a good digestive Mudra.

NB: Doing This With Surya & Ling Mudras – This Also Helps in Arousing Contentment Feelings, Better Lungs Functioning, Betters Digestion & And Acts As A Weight Loss Magic Pill!

How To? Do the Mudra by keeping your three fingers folded at the base of the thumb, while the index finger touches the tip of thumb, on both the hands.

Time Duration: 20 – 30 Minutes a day!