Solution to get out of stuck in Problem and use of 5 Chakras Beejmantras

Naran S Balakumar


If you are stuck in a problem then it means Udhana is not working properly.

Be in Adi Mudra (thumb has to touch the base of the little finger, and it has to be closed by other four fingers, on both hands) and chant the mantras.

From any problem – you will be able to come out of it.

When Udhana is not active – let us understand the principle here. When it is not active you are in the bed, that is, it is not coming out of the body.

Like that when you are stuck in the problem you are not coming out of it. So your Udhana is not active. At that time with Adi Mudra, you can chant the mantra.

Even if the mantras are chanted orally or mentally alone, without being in mudra – they will – well effect the concerned organs & give positive results.

  • If you want to create a harmonious environment – the space around you – chant OM HUM NAMAHA. Prana is activated.
  • If you want others to be surrounded in harmony OM YUM NAMAHA. Plasma is activated. 50 % of our blood contains plasma. It’s the transport mechanism for excretion – for example carbon dioxide and toxins.
  • If you want to understand others and others to understand you – OM RUM NAMAHA. It improves blood circulation.
  • If you want to relate with others – OM VUM NAMAHA. Improves Communicate with others.
  • If you want to strengthen your relationship – OM LUM NAMAHA. To improve the flexibility and muscle strength, and after making somebody as your friend you want to strengthen and stabilise relationship.