Pran- Linga for Beating the Cold, Pran – Jnana for Good Sleeping, Pran – Apan for Energy & Diabetes Pran – Apan Vayu for Heart, Pran For Stability including Financial

Curing Severe Cold With Running Nose:

Do LINGA Mudra (both hands clasped together, with left thumb in upright position) for 20 minutes. Then do SAFE and SECURE Mudra (thumb touching ring and little fingers on both the hands) for another 20 minutes.

Take rest for a while keeping in mind that while we sleep, our body does the necessary healing

Then after waking up, if you do the Mudras again for 16 minutes, you will be alright without any medication.

Explanating the Science: Due to pollution, we get afflicted with cold.

The thick phlegm produced and deposited inside the lungs will be converted into liquid form by the Linga Hasta Mudra and will be sent to the Hara/Sacral Chakra (the chakra that handles water element) by the Pran / Safe & Secure Hasta Mudra.

Sleep Well with Mudras

Why we couldn’t sleep well. The reason is that all our energy is focused on the head, especially about work, money and relationships. We keep thinking about something that has happened yesterday and today, and something that might happen tomorrow. Thus, more energy is focused on the head.

Chin Mudra

You touch the tip of the thumb with index finger. Unlike Chinmaya Mudra you keep the other three fingers straight. When you do Chin Mudra, extra energy in head is diverted to the root chakra (which is situated below your sexual organ) and then to the legs. You get grounded and therefore you sleep well.

Usually I do Savasana (corpse pose) before going to sleep, so as to unwind myself. Yesterday instead of keeping the palms on the side and keeping them open, as we do while performing Savasana, I did Chin Mudra. The amount of energy I felt had been tremendous, never felt before. Of course I slept well.

Jnana mudra by The Jnana Mudra is done by touching the tips of the thumb and the index together, forming a circle, and the hand is held with the palm inward toward the heart. Jnana mudra balances vayu in our body and steadies the mind.[1] Formation This mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumbs and the index finger. Effect Vayu causes movements and thoughts. Agni related to the brain. When the tips of the index finger and the thumb join together the vayu gets stabilized. Vayu and Agni together control the mind. That is why this mudra is calles Jnana Mudra – Mudra of Wisdom. At the top of the thumb lie the points of the endocrine glands pituitary and pineal. Performing this mudra balances their secretion. Pituitary gland This gland controls air and space in the body. This is the king of all glands. So it sends orders to all other glands. This gland controls will power, sight, hearing, memory and sense of discrimination. Pituitary controls the growth of the body. An over worked pituitary gland makes people physically big in size. While under worked pituitary may result in making them smaller in size. This gland also governs the growth of the mind-brain. This gland may be damaged due to fear, injury or tension during pregnancy, leading to malfunctioning of the other glands and that in turn, could result in giving birth to mentally retarded children. An improper functioning of this gland tends to make people mean, liars and bullies. As pituitary and pineal glands are situated in the head it is harmful to hit the children on head. When pituitary gland is predominant it helps people to become great geniuses, eminent literary men, poets, scientist, philosopher and lovers of mankind. Pineal gland Pineal gland also controls the development of other glands and regulates them. Malfunctioning of this gland leads to high BP and sex delinquency. Moreover it controls the potassium and sodium balance in the body. Its malfunctioning leads to excessive retention of fluids. This gland controls the proper flow of cerebro spinal fluid thus keeping all the glands and body vitalised, strong and healthy. This gland is also knopwn as the ‘Third Eye’. The predominance of this gland generates a sense of sublimity helping men to grow into saints, endowed with divine qualities. These people have great wisdom and willpower. They are not affected by physical suffering or sorrow. In modern times stress/ tension/ worry/ fear have increased and these often disturb all endocrine glands. Therefore balancing these glands with Jnana mudra become very crucial. Benifits Tendons, venis become strong. Mental power of grasping, concentration and memory increases. Empower the mind causing a positive effect on emotions and leading to enlightenment. Facilitates movements of electrical impulses along nerves. Empowers the pituitary gland and thereby the entire system of endocrine glands. Empowers the muscles both voluntary an involuntary. Empowers the vocal cords and voice by empowering the thyroid gland. Mental maladies like – madness, hysteria, dullness of mind, lack of initiative, loss of memory, lethargy, frestlessness,fear and phobias and depression are cured. Disorders of the nervous system like cerebral palsy, alzheimers disease and neuritis are rectified. degeneration of the retina and topic atrophy are set right. Endocrine – hormonal disorders like hypo petuitarism (Dwarfism) hypo-thyroidism, diabetes etc. are cured (with a 50 minutes practice everyday). Muscular disorders facial palsy, monoplegia and paraplegia are cured by regular practice of jnana mudra. Bad habits like addiction, intoxication can be overcome. Violent and cruel behaviour is due to mental imbalance which would be overcome by this therapy – jnana mudra 50 minutes followed by prana mudra 15 minutes. For students jnana mudra as a boon. This improves memory, develops concentration and improves brain power. mental development in manifold. Mentally retarded children will benefit – when they sleep, put a band around the jnaan mudra as there is no time limit to perform this mudra. Sleeplessness and insomnia can be cured by practising 50 minutes of jnana mudra followed by 15 minutes of prana mudra. Tension is removed, anger is pacified. Soothes irritability, harsh behaviour. Aids in withdrawal from SMACK,LSD,MORPHINE,BHANG,CHARAS,COCAINE and GANJA. Increases commitment to work and selfless devotion to duty. Aids in the awakening of intuition which leads to a feeling of awareness and joy

Vitality Mudra

Here you touch your thumb with little and ring fingers. This gives you physical strength – especially after you are tired from any activities that are physical in nature (newly married and aged people will find this Mudra very helpful).

Additionally, this Mudra puts you on a better financial situation then you are currently in.

Putting you in a better financial position – a case history
Kannan has never worked anywhere and had always been in business. He had never made enough money in his life and been always in debt and shortage of money. Kannan and his wife were asked to do this Vitality Mudra by Naran S Balakumar, for 45 minutes before going to sleep.

What they found out was: They could sleep well which had been never the case before. Even though their financial position has not changed much yet (they had been practicing only for last few weeks), their financial situation has changed considerably. Somehow they found money from various sources to make up for things. Thus their life goes on a smooth sailing. I am sure they will get better off over a period of time.

Getting back your physical strength
Personally after playing cricket during the weekends I found this Mudra helpful to give me back physical strength required by me to carry on with other activities. Otherwise, two of hours of playing cricket take away all my strength to do anything meaningful, during the whole weekend.

Sleep Well
You may ask how you can sleep well with Vitality Mudra. When your financial worries are taken away, energy flows to your Hara chakra (located just below the navel) and Root chakra, and thus automatically energy in the head is reduced.

Try these Mudras and please give your feedback.

Good luck.

Good health.
Benefits of Vital Essence Mudra
Touch the tip of the left thumb with middle and ring fingers of left hand, and right thumb with ring and little fingers of right hand.

This Mudra increases the physical vitality. In addition, it activates, normalizes, balances and harmonizes the Hara chakra or the Sex Centre, which is below the navel area. So it is also called as the Hara Mudra.

Garbage accumulated in this life is stored in the Hara Chakra

All garbage what all we have learnt from our life – desires in particular, lessons learnt from our parents, and our opinions about relationships are formed in the Hara chakra.

Do we have meaning in the actions that we undertake? We just talk with people aimlessly. How to create a worthy life? This chakra is full of desires. Contentment is the message of the chakra. Only when we release garbage and bring in contentment, then the other chakras are activated. Release all unwanted thoughts, feelings and desires. Then we will grow up.

We meditate and chant various Slokas, though in our back of the mind, we keep thinking about servant who hasn’t appeared yet, that the milkman hasn’t delivered the milk yet and so on and thus lacking in self-discipline.

Other benefits of doing the Vital Essence Mudra

The self-discipline is gained though this Mudra. All desires, garbage and unwanted energy are removed by this Mudra. We live with an attitude of gratitude.