How Mudras Help in Kundalini Jagran- Ajith

Mudra is about free electrons at the finger tips having concentrated nerve root endings , getting redirected back INTERNALLY to the brain along chosen neural circuits. This is very differnt from external acupressure aue acupunture.

Five forces are controlled by Mudra.  They are  Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana, and they are part of the  Kundalini’s energy.

Through Mudras you  gather these five forces together, bringing them to their home, the Mother Kundalini, which is sleeping at the Muladhara Chakra,  as Static energy of the Mother of the Universe. Your Kundalini is sleeping. It has to be awakened , or you have NOT experienced ecstasy and bliss on this planet.

When the Apana rises upward to the ‘Fire Chakra,’ the flame of divine fire grows strong and bright, being fanned by Apana. When the Apana fire mixes with the Prana, which is naturally hot, the spiritual heat of the body becomes bright and powerful.   

When the Kundalini feels this extra heat, she will awaken from sleep; then she goes into the Sushumna.  The Kundalini is coiled like a serpent, and by Mudra the Kundalini will certainly move and open the mouth of the Sushumna.  

Without moving the Kundalini, there are no other means that will clear away the impurities of the 7200 Nadis.  The Great Goddess Kundalini, the Energy of the Self, sleeps in the Muladhara. She has the form of a serpent, having three coils and a half. As long as she is asleep in the body, (finer body), the jiva is a mere animal, and true wisdom does not arise.

Some of the important Mudras: Maha , Nabho , Udiyana, Maha Bandha, Maha Vedha, Kechari, Jalandhara, Yoni, Viparitakarna, Kaki, Sambhavi etc

Mudras will NOT be taught by a Guru, unless he sees that you are worthy of being taught. Or it is like giving a tinderbox to a money.

When you know man, you know the universe.

Yajur Veda reveals :  “Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde”–   “As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe, so is the individual.”

Mudras are NOT mere finger and hand gestures . They are closed electrical circuits” of the subtle channels in physical and etheric bodies which offer psychic protection.   They have been created by ancient Hindu seers . .  They retain the efficacy of the audible shabda brahmAn with more potency.

The Gherand Sanhita and the Vajrayana Tantra advise that the Mudras are capable of bestowing great  psychic abilities ( siddhi ) on their practitioners.

Ancient Indian sculptures show various Mudras. There are 108 of them in Mantra Shastra (the book of incantations), Upasana Shastra (the book of worship and prayers) and the Nritya Shastra (the book of classical dances).

The gains from all mudras are permanent and achieved without interfering with the natural working of the body mind or spirit.

By touching together of the tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms this free energy (Prana) is redirected back into the body along specified channels, back up to the brain. The redirected energy traveling through the nerves stimulates the various chakras. Keeping the hands on the knees stimulates the Gupta Nari and makes the energy start from the Mooladhara Chakra.

Tension applied to the nerve/s and/or the neural or psycho-neural circuits formed by the mudras help in balancing the five basic elements (or building blocks).

This balancing of the tension, and redirection of the internal energy effects the changes in veins, tendons, glands and sensory organs, to bring the body back to a healthy state.

Mudra devised by seers is a very exact and scientific yogic function by which one can develop or  change, one’s internal and external dispositions viz. mental (anger, emotional disturbance, intelligence etc.), spiritual (concentration, meditation) or physical (in various diseases, illnesses).

There is NO allopathic medicine for all these emotional states which cause loss of sleep and affect your work and harmony in the home.  They are like literal remote control switches bringing quick and effective changes.

The function of the human body is much like a transformer, receiving energy from the Universal flow of Prana, distributing that energy, and then eliminating it

The 24 words of the Gayatri Mantra have a special relationship with 24 mudras known as GAYATRI MUDRAS. They have different names and formations. The importance of Mudras is also clear from the grim qualifier to these:

  1. Etaa Mudraa na jaanaati, Gaayatri nishphalaa bhaveta