How To Feel Satisfied In Life – Pushan i.e. Acceptance Hasta Mudra & Namah Shivyam BeejaMantra (Naran Ji)

ACCEPTANCE MUDRA activates the fire element The Fire is the one which elevates your thoughts because it doesn’t go downward (always upward).

How to achieve the highest of happiness
When our solar plexus chakra is balanced and when the fire element is higher, we always seek the highest. That is Namashivayam. That is Siva. That is the highest of happiness.

Shiva is the embodiment of happiness. By chanting Namashivayam, let me become Shiva at least in my mind and heart.


Whenever you feel something is not happening be in this Mudra and put the light from the SUN GOD to the darkness in me – the area of the part of the mind that wants it.

Go on putting the light until darkness is transformed into light and love. Until you feel satisfied chant “NAMASHIVAYAM”