Hare Ram Hare Krishan beejamantra – Nadi shodhan – Hastamudras For Well-being

Singing “HARE RAM HARE KRISHAN” mantra vibrations can wake up our intuitive bodies and chakras like this:-

“H” in Hare – beejmantra “Hum” – activates the Throat Chakra. The throat chakra is actually where we – manifest from (प्रकट होना) i.e. where from – all other Chakras activation & balancing is done! Throat chakra is about our WILL, our ability to reach out (with our hands) for what we want.
Thus we see that our throat chakra is the key! And the way to activate the throat chakra is to sing. And beautiful holy mantras like Hare Ram will activate our throat chakra like nothing else!

And in the activation of Solar Plexus Chakra by signing “Re”- involves the Rum beejamantra, which makes the native – Capable of doing, solving the Hard to Hard Tasks.

Singing – “Hare Ram Hare Krishan” – our Third Eye / Command and other Chakra also get balanced as this has already stated that a well balanced Throat Chakra is capable of balancing and the other chakras, which are interconnected.

Hare Ram Hare Krishan” maha mantra is also supreme because it attends to all the mantras. It also helps to dissolve what holds us back; our guilt and shame and fears and doubts of past.

Balanced chakras do the following:

  • Produces happiness
  • Stops depression
  • Stops anxiety
  • Boosts overall health
  • Makes you more creative and more productive.