Curing Digestion & Constipation

3 mudras easy to realize for digestion and to know more information about yoga mudra for digestion
Hasta Mudras for digestion

Hasta Mudras are hand positions that help control the flow of energy in our body.

For those who know me, you know that I really like to use them during yoga classes, in meditation …

In addition, what better than simple actions to help manage the excesses of Christmas meals?

Samana Vayu

all the fingers are in contact with each other.

In this way, all the elements are in contact and in balance.

  • it allows to activate agni, the digestive fire, at the same time as it allows an easy digestion and without problems
  • it reduces the gases and the sensation of ballooning
  • it improves the health of the liver

Vayu Mudra

This mudra is used for any excess of vata, air, in the body.

The index is folded and at the base of the thumb.

This one puts pressure on the 2nd phalanx of the index finger.

The other fingers are in extension

-It will reduce the excess of vata, air, which causes stagnant air in the stomach, constipation, indigestion and ballooning -It

must be known that many of the problems of articulation are related to an excess de Vata, but we’ll talk about it again in another article.

This mudra is to be practiced while the problems of digestion are present, but it will be necessary to stop when they will have disappeared in order to avoid other problems.

Apana Mudra

Mudra of the elimination.

We gather the thumb, the middle finger and the directory.

The index and the little finger remain in extension

it detoxifies and eliminates the waste we no longer need from our body.

it helps to reduce diabetes

It increases energy
Decreases sinus problems, often present after big meals
Since it brings energy down, it must be avoided during the last months of pregnancy

Pushan mudra:-(the gesture of digestion) is a hand mudra used to activate prana vayu (the energy of receptivity), samana vayu (the energy of digestion and assimilation), and apana vayu (the energy of elimination).

In this mudra, each hand has a different gesture.

The left hand makes Apana Mudra.

The thumb, forefinger and middle finger of the right hand meet.

The ring finger and the little finger remain in extension.

For reflux problems, the solar plexus blocked or painful …

If we have a problem with constipation or bloating, the yearbook and the little finger of the right hand must join the thumb

All these mudras can be used in a practice of Yoga but also in meditation, in sitting position …