Curing Creatinine – Kidney through: APAN, APAN-VAYU, KIDNEY & Jal Surabhi Mudra


If someone’s creatinine is used to be high for number of years,this may results in kidney failure to face number of complications. If despite all the medicines  creatinine continued to be high, please do the following four hasta mudras for five to six minutes each :-APAN MUDR, APANVAYU MUDRA, KIDNEY MUDRA & Jal Surabhi Mudra.

Apan Hasta Mudra

अपान मुद्रा से प्राण एवं अपान वायु सन्तुलित होती है | इस मुद्रा में इन दोनों वायु के संयोग के फलस्वरूप साधक का मन एकाग्र होता है एवं वह समाधि को प्राप्त हो जाता है |

अपान मुद्रा के अभ्यास से स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र और मूलाधार चक्र जाग्रत होते 

Apan-Vayu Hasta Mudra






If someone do these sincerely and with dedication, believe that the creatinine may start becoming normal within 15 days.

Jal Surabhi Mudra: – Join the tips of right middle finger to the tip of left index finger. Join the tips of right index finger to the tips of left middle finger.Join the tips of right ring finger to the tips of left little finger. Join the  tips of  right ring finger tips of the left little finger.Now place the tips of thumbs at the base little fingers.