Apan / Apana Apaana Vayu / Vaayu / Sanjeevani Hast / Hasta ( अपान वायु संजीवनी हस्त मुद्रा )

How To Form Apan Vayu Hasta Mudra? Put Index Finger on the Thumbs Pads & Keep Touching the Tips of Ring & Middle Tips of both the hands with each other!

Benefits of Doing Apan-Vayu Hasta Mudra:-

1.Cures Shrinkage of Heart Arteries & Improve Cardiovascular Functioning:-

Imbalance occuring due to the defficiency of earth element, excessiveness of DRY AIR element, and less of fire element is responsible for heart-related disorders. This is a well known fact that whenever there is an excess of dry air element in the body, the walls of the arteries become thick and hard, which is known as Arteriosclerosis, in which condition that Arteries of Heart get shrinked, which may lead to various heart ailments. 
Apana Vayu mudra practice balances the deficiency in earth element with the fire element and decreases the pressure of excessive air element in the body.The reduction of excessive air element helps to make the walls of the arteries become normal and cures the shrinkage of heart arteries. Since the Earth Element is MOTHER & significator of all the body organs including Heart, Lungs etc. – the balancing of Earth Element with the help of Fire Element – Strengthens all of our Body organs and in addition to this, the Fire Element also helps in providing Lubrication to all the body Organs including our Heart . 0ur Heart Arteries are thus saved from getting further damage since these are filled with energy by earth element, lubricated by fire element and so become unaffected by excessive flow of dry air.
Thus we can say that this kind of balance of elements brought by the practice of Apan Vayu Mudra helps to clean the body and supply more oxygen to the heart. As a result, this increases the strength of our heart. 
Besides, Apana Vayu mudra clears the blockage in the heart arteries. Therefore it also cures fast heartbeats, chest pain, and irregular blood pressure. It is also helpful in curing heartburn. 

2. Cures Nervousness

As the nervous system is said to be consisted by the combination with Earth & Akash and or including the air element,  the Sanjeevani or Apana Vayu mudra balances these elements too and the nervous system too comes into balance.
3. Curing Anxiety:- Apan Vayu mudra is also useful to sooth anxiety and negative emotions since the Air element causing Anxiety gets balanced by decreasing the excessive flow of air and the emotional imbalance causing earth element also gets balanced with the practice of this mudra.
4. Better Digestion:- Apan Vayu mudra practice just after meals or any time Improves Digestion sinceApana Vayu mudra reduces air element in the body resulting in the improved digestive fire. 
Body Organ Detoxification: Since the balanced flow of earth and ether elements is responsible for detoxification of  body, hence our body organs get detoxified by the practice of this hasta mudra.
5. Cures Bloating & Gastric Problems:

Since the main cause of the above mentioned problems – Excess Air get reduced in the stomach area, so the problem of gastric, eructation and bloating gets automatically cured!
6. Cures Breathing & Respiratory Problems:-

Breathing problems faced while climbing stairs, running, climbing in stairs or mountain or suffocation felt there due to less oxygen intake, the practice of Apana Vayu mudra is helpful as this improves our lung functioning capability & capacity helping to  breath easiely. Therefore, the risks of heart diseases is minimised. So this is always advisable to practice this hasta mudra a little before climbing or even while climbing with an alternate practice of Pran Mudra in between so as to get energy and to get the body relieved of all the pains and sufferings that may occur due to physical tiredness.