A Balanced Throat Chakra – Let Your Hidden Talents known to the world (संतुलित विशुद्ध चक्र)

The throat chakra meaning:

The fifth Chakra, or Throat Chakra (in Sanskrit, Visuddha; in English “the purifier”), is located at the base of the throat. It is associated with the element of ether and it is the one that determines the level and intensity of our expression and visibility in the outer world. This chakra is connected with our lungs, larynx and throat. It is our communication channel. It takes care of our communication and determines how we relate to this world.

The Throat Chakra is where we learn how to give a proper expression to our inner world and how to make visible our dreams and visions. This Chakra is like a door, separating our inner world from the outer world. When the door is too closed and immovable, we have a sense of having our authentic unique voice and expression stuck and buried deep inside. It is through the throat Chakra that we learn how to be ourselves in the world, and to follow through our innermost beliefs and convictions. We make ourselves seen and properly heard.

As our communication center, the throat Chakra deals with issues such as truthfulness and honesty, the manifestation of visions and dreams, right speech and right action, influence and charisma. Its main drive is to look for the ideal and most authentic expression and fulfillment of one’s innermost being – by translating in the best way it could the hidden language of our inner world into a clear outer manifestation.

As per Mr Naran

This is the fifth chakra. It is also called as the Communication Chakra.

This chakra is connected with our lungs, larynx and throat. It is our communication channel. It takes care of our communication and determines how we relate to this world.

If I speak with love, then others will speak with love

When we hear good things, it will expand. That’s why Satsang (group of good thinkers) is important. Speak well and hear good things are the messages of this chakra.

Keep silent as when you open your mouth only bad stuff come out. Though, when there is love – thanks to good functioning of Heart Chakra, only good and kind words will come out.

When we talk, more energy is lost. The best way to get energy for the Throat Chakra is to do listening.

Only when we listen, we will know which is divine and which is not. While listening we will know the power of divine. Therefore, ‘listen properly’ is the message from Throat Chakra.

More silence more energy

There is a saying, ‘Mounam Sarvartha Sadhagam’, which means silence is a big tool. In silence, we get more energy. Guru is silent. Through silence we communicate so many things.

To know Divinity and to know what to do – we have to remain silent. It also means silence in thoughts. There is no point in having continuous thoughts in your head and say “we are practicing silence”.

When I need to communicate then?

While remaining silent if it still creates problems, then if we open our mouth there will be more problems. Communicate appropriately is the message from Throat Chakra.

Suppose someone told his son one hundred times to study well. Yet he did not listen.

Therefore, one’s communication has failed to serve its objective, which is to make him understand. If he hasn’t, then why should we keep advising?

Right communication should be preceded by silence. Therefore, practice it!

Your talents will be known to the world

Throat and Hara Chakras are connected.

When our talents are not known to the world then it shows the Throat Chakra is not functioning well.

When you want the world to know about it, give Reiki to the Throat Chakra as well as Hara Chakra (keep one hand in Hara and another in Throat).

Then your talent will be exposed, recognition in office (in outside world) will improve.

To get the right appreciation, give Reiki to your Throat Chakra.

Thanks to throat we will communicate better. Our lives also get better, for all our relationships get spoiled because of miscommunication – in all misunderstandings, we need to balance the Throat Chakra.