To Have Enough Money To Payoff Debts Through Mr Naran’s – Om Lalitam ShreeDharam Om Lalitam Bhaskaram Om Lalitam Sudarshnam Beeja mantra:-

Wish To Have Enough Money To Payoff Debts:- – we should have a good income, the expenses should be less than income, while our savings should be a lot.

We should understand that money will come and go in cycles. If we have this belief,

The money will come to us whenever we don’t have it, whatever income we need we will get. Whenever we need to meet the expenses then we will be able to meet it.

What will bring this mentality to me? It is easy to say but difficult to follow.

Most of the families are into debt problems – debts in some form.  However, we should not suffer from this problem.

Wherever there are debts, the concerned person will start telling lies. Whenever you lie, then you will have more debts.


Whenever you need money, Lalitham Sridharam will get you the money. Lalitham Bhaskaram will correct your spending habits – balancing expenditure and income.

Your karma decides how much money you can hold onto?

What Sudharshanam will do?

Everybody’s karma will decide how much they can hold on to, based on the money vessel they bring during their birth. Whatever you do, only to that extent you will earn money.

Only one person knows how to increase the size of your money vessel – he is Sudharshanam.

Let us say you have a small tumbler. However, you insist you want a big bowl of milk. How can the tumbler hold a bowl of milk?

However, Sridharam will increase your receiving capacity.