Sun-Fire- अग्नि सम्बंधित- सूर्य, लिंग, पुषाण ऐंवम रुद्र हस्त मुद्राएँ

Sun and Fire Relationship: We know that the Sun produces Fire & disseminates Heat Energy to all living and non-living matter present on earth in the form of heat. Thus, we may say that this is the Sun only – which is responsible for energy of the fire element present within us. This energy of the Sun also represents with Fire Element of the body.

We know that FIRE in Sanskrit is  is ‘AGNI, therefore Surya is also known as Agni.

Role of Sun Energy of Heat or Fire in the Hasta Mudra Yoga Therapy: The purpose of doing Hasta Madras is to make an optimum balance among Five Elements of the body with the help of Five Elements representid by our five fingers including thumb -the representative of Fire Element – which is also the representative of Energy of SUN. In hasta mudras yoga therapy, this can be done by balancing or decreasing or eliminating or increasing the other five elements with the help of different fingers gestures. In the balancing process, if the fingers are touched with the tips of the fingers, the corresponding elements gets balanced and if the fingers are kept pressed under the thumbs – the corresponding elements gets reduced.

Sun is the source of sustainable energy for every living creature on earth. In yoga, there are several ways to redirects the energy of the sun within the body for different purposes. 

Meaning of Surya Mudra

Sanskrit word “Surya” means sun and here “mudra” means hand gesture. Hence, Surya mudra is basically finger arrangement (gesture) that represents energy our body gain through sunlight.

To make an optimum balance among 5 elements of the body, Surya Mudra eliminates the earth element and increases the fire element. therefore, Surya Mudra is also known as Agni vardhak (fire increaser) mudra.

Surya Mudra: The Gesture of Fire

Sun produces fire & disseminates heat energy to all living and non-living matter present on earth in the form of heat. This is the sun only that is responsible for energy of the fire element present within us.

Fire is an essential element when it comes to intense yoga sadhana (yogic discipline). It works like a catalyzer which boosts your willpower against the vigorous yoga practices. 

Who Should Especially Practice Surya or Agni Mudra?

  • People having a desk job or who used to sit for long hours generally troubled with overweight. Surya mudra maintains excessive fat of belly & relieve from overweight problems.
  • Those people who have laziness in their behavior or feel powerless even after a small work, must adopt Surya mudra.
  • Persons with weak eyesight can also adopt Surya mudra to increase the fire element of the body, as with fire (light) element vision comes.
  • Ideal Time & Duration is Morning & evening session when the external heat has minimum effect on the body is the ideal time to practice Surya mudra. You can also do it other times but as we already described, it may results in excessive heat production in the body.Make sure to maintain a gap of 2 hours between practice of Surya mudra & a heavy meal. A heavy meal is avoid for the same reason as it produces heat in the body plus Surya mudra, it may results in excessive heat production in the body. To see results from Surya mudra in minimum time, it should be practice upto 40-48 minutes a day. If you are not able to hold finger in same position for 48 minutes, you can practice it 2-3 times a day (having 16+ minutes session each).
  • How Does Surya Mudra Works?
  • Thumb represents the fire element and the ring finger represents the earth element. When you hold the ring finger & thumb in the Surya mudra arrangement, then the fire element (thumb) of the body dominates over the earth element (ring finger). Hence, this placement of fingers increases heat & energy in the body and simultaneously suppresses the earth element.