Getting Married, Accepting – Loving Oneself & Inculcating Child Like Innocence in one’s personality by practicing Pushan Mudra 2 (Hara) & ॐ ललितं सदाशिवं – ॐ ललितं चंद्रशेखरं

ॐ ललितं सदाशिवं ॐ ललितं चंद्रशेखरं ऐंवम पुषाण मुद्रा द्वितीय वर्जन / हारा मुद्रा

Find your Soulmate

What can I chant to find my truly love, my Soulmate?

Find Mr. Right

Please suggest a mantra to find Mr. Right and get married to him soon. I really miss a good relation in my life.


Love and Accept Yourself

First love yourself and accept yourself. For loving and accepting oneself deeply and totally VITAL ESSENCE MUDRA (Hara Mudra) is necessary.

If anybody remains single, the energy of this Mudra or the energy produced by the Mudra is lacking in that person. That means that childlike innocence is absent and this Mudra gives the childlike innocence.